Bullying In Schools

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Bullying In Schools by Mind Map: Bullying In Schools

1. Plan

1.1. Teachers need to get involved

1.2. More anti-bullying events

1.3. Have a no-bullying school

2. Jealousy

2.1. Jealous of the student

2.2. The student may have more/better things than the bully

3. Abuse

3.1. Puts other downs

3.1.1. Sub Idea 2

3.2. Can physically abuse the student

3.3. Mentally abuse the student by the words they say

4. Hurtful

4.1. Students want to drop out of school

4.2. Makes students sad/upset all the time

4.3. Tends to put students in depression

5. Counselors

5.1. Be there for stidents

5.2. Someone to talk to