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Competency by Mind Map: Competency

1. Requirements

1.1. Must have

1.1.1. Clinical competencies

1.1.2. Levels of competency

1.1.3. Ease of use

1.1.4. Customizable

1.1.5. Covers knowledge, behaviors, tasks

1.1.6. Broad accessibility

1.1.7. Applicable to roles across the system

1.1.8. Reporting versatility Easily shows where staff are at with a quick glance Able to assign an overall competency level to a staff person

1.2. Nice to have

1.2.1. Evidence-based

1.2.2. Link to resources/references

1.2.3. Non-clinical competencies

1.2.4. Integrates with Halogen

1.2.5. Link to job descriptions

1.2.6. Link to Epic/LMS

1.2.7. 4 levels of Beginner -> Expert

2. Scope

2.1. Includes

2.1.1. competency management

2.1.2. competency content includes knowledge & behaviors

2.1.3. software to manage

2.2. Does not include

2.2.1. policy development

2.2.2. job descriptions

2.3. Assumptions

2.3.1. review process

2.3.2. higher level of detail don't specify pump/type of access, etc.

2.3.3. policies incorporate evidence-based practice

2.3.4. policies guide our competencies

3. Vendors

3.1. Consider

3.1.1. Healthstream Pros evidence-based references clinical, situational and behavioral assessments Link to nursing procedures and skills from Lippencott includes references to courses supports any kind of rating titles you already have can link resources - journals, books. could see end users using the whole system because they would value the resources available Cons some history of troubles with sales rep vendor says "liberry" doesn't delineate between what constitutes a specific skill level - would need to build our own levels out 800 competencies added within the past year - so lots of roles that aren't represented competencies seemed very detailed (not broken out) for non clinical roles would need to build out our levels if we wanted them questions are there competencies that go across roles? can you create a link to an external manufacturers web site won't allow their material in Halogen - how would integration work? could we get it without getting Lippincott? cost?

3.1.2. Prophecy Pros vendor isn't stupid whole person approach opensource API integration Cons no current integrations with Halogen or SumT - but we have talked with them. Have done with PeopleSoft, HealthStream, NetLearning, etc. costs - no per person fees - need total beds/facility.

3.2. Kibosh

3.2.1. Camden Delta We would still need to create the competencies

3.2.2. IHRS Pros both clinical and non-clinical roles can build out job descriptions let's you set frequency for assessments allows you to rate many folks on same competency at once shared competencies and role-specific competencies Cons won't allow their material in Halogen Vendor rep doesn't auto-populate today's dates - system is clunky enough that clients will have secretaries do actual data entry Agnesian had a bad experience with them ownership is on Educator, not employee-driven levels are 3-level, not 4-level competencies are uniform across all roles - SO - I couldn't be progressing in my competency as a LPN when it goes across competency not much for self assessment Descriptive notes from Lisa Goodman

3.2.3. Mosby's Pros nice integration with Epic Good learning modules for staff to get skill refreshers if they do have task lists, we'd want to validate that if we're referencing Timby's for P&P we'd want to be aware of potential discrepencies Cons looks very task-oriented; knowledge test-y Mostly nursing/RT focused vendor rep doesn't represent product well

3.2.4. LaMountain and Associates Was more HR Performance Review than competency

4. Other healthcare systems

4.1. Bellin

4.2. Affinity

5. Action Plan

5.1. Done

5.1.1. Contact Gunderson Lutheran

5.1.2. Contact Agnesian

5.1.3. Contact Duluth Essentia

5.1.4. Contact Ministry

5.1.5. Megan will also touch base with Betty Jo about Lippincott

5.1.6. contact Mayo

5.1.7. Megan will follow up with Healthstream

5.1.8. Angela will follow up with Prophecy

5.1.9. Schedule Demos with Mosby's, Healthstream, and IHRS (and others if found)

5.2. To Do

5.2.1. Megan will work on getting a Healthstream demo

5.2.2. Jackie will check a bit more with Bellin about what they don't like about Lippincott

5.2.3. Begin a PDSA? Take a whack at our next meeting