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10 Commandments Of Recruiting That Mercilessly Crushes The Competition by Mind Map: 10 Commandments Of
  Recruiting That
Mercilessly Crushes
The Competition
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10 Commandments Of Recruiting That Mercilessly Crushes The Competition

#1 - Listen More Than You Speak

Most brokers think of an interview this as a sales presentation

Call it a "career evaluation" or "career consultation"

Couple example questions

Rule of thirds, 1/3 - easy questions to answer, 2/3 - probing questions - cause them some pain - make them "wiggle" a little bit, What kind of marketing support are you getting from your current company?, Who's currently helping you with your business plan?, How many leads are you getting from your company each month?, 3/3 - thought provoking questions, If you were to make a move today, what would you need to hear from me?, What questions do you need answered before you make a decision?

Identify behavior patterns

If emotional, Typically 80% of agents, 70% expressive, 10% amiable, means "nice", easy to approach, Warm, polite, After asking marketing question ask: How does this make you feel?

If logical, Typically 20% of agents, What is not having this collateral costing you? What is it costing you in time? What is it costing you in transactions?

Identify behavior styles

Get before you give

You wouldn't show a buyer every house in the MLS

Don't give a presentation until you get the details you need to present to them

#2 - Make Your Phone Calls

More than 1 per day

Hardest thing to do

easy to put off

Greatest income producing task

Important to understand the value of each agent (in profit)

For example: if agent worth $12,000 per year

NAR says agent will be with you for avg 5 to 6 years

Total value = $72,000

That's like a million dollar listing appointment!

Set aside time each day

Everyday at 9:30 for example

1 of Judy & Kathy's students got 14 new agents in 30 days

(he had been working on the agents for 12 months to do this)

Understand the purpose of your calls

It is NOT to get an appointment

It IS ABOUT building a relationship and learning if the agent is in the right place right now

Judy & Kathy have a book of scripts you can use.

#3 - Qualify Your Hitlist

Large group of agents that you would like to do business with at some point in the future

Constantly evolving and changing

Purchase Terradatum to get all of "Goodies" on your recruits

Make sure it's large enough

Between 100 to 300 is typical size

Do they fit your company culture?

By production

E.G. $2 Million / year in volume

Think like a Realtor

Is a buyer qualified to buy?

Is this a person I want to work with?

#4 - It's All About THEM!

What are their dreams?

What are their frustrations?

Make your goal:

To help the agent find out if your company is the best choice for the agent. Not to recruit the agent. To help them make the best decision for them.

Ironically enough - when you say your not the right fit for your company... Agents will want you more.

#5 - Know Your Stats

Your market share

Per agent productivity

Your systems/products

AND the RESULTS from your systems

"Because I have this, this, this, and this... our per agent productivity is this"

How many walk-ins per month?

How many leads handed out per month? (or year to date)

#6 - Know Your Competition

What is the agent departation policy?

10 to 15 minutes before the interview

Review their competition's #'s

What kind of front-desk support do they have?

What do they have for support?

What do they have for training?

What do they have for leads?

Do they charge for those leads?

How many leads did your company generate and how many leads did they give you?

#7 - It's A Process, Not An End Result

Take a deep breath... and relax... just focus on the process

Implement 1 system it at a time

Start small

Consistent action over a period of time = CRITICAL to massive success

Results Of Doing The 10 Commandments

15 to 20 Experienced agents in 6 months from this stuff

#8 - Marketing Consistently

Minimum 1x per month

If only email not good enough, easy to delete

Market directly to the agents home


Unique, Compelling



Phone calls

Personal notes


Recruiting Website

can't just hide behind it and wait for recruits to come in

Signatures at end of email promote agents joining the office with link to recruiting website

#9 - Become A Master Closer

A master closer makes someone feel good about making the decision that they already want to make

You have to ASK them to join

Don't become a wimp at the end of an interview

Hold out your hand at the end and say "It's going to be a pleasure working with you"

If they reach out and shake your hand, pull out the closing papers!

If they ask, "how am I going to get my listings over?", That's an assumptive close

#10 - The Final Commandment (Summary Of Everything)

Step 1 - Develop your recruiting mindset

It's all about them

It's a consulting session

Step 2 - Qualify your hitlist

Step 3 - Identify company strengths and competitor weaknessess

Step 4 - Implement consistent marketing based on strengths/weaknesses

Step 5 - Begin making phone calls

Step 6 - Set 3 interviews per week

Step 7 - Recruit agent!

Step 8 - Hire Judy LaDeur & Kathy Baker :-)

Phone: 630.402.0898


Step 9 - Implement A Recruiting Website

How to contact Judy & Kathy

phone 630.402.0898


How to setup a recruiting website