Will online data ever be truly safe?

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Will online data ever be truly safe? by Mind Map: Will online data ever be truly safe?

1. Definition of what counts as 'truly safe', and of what ciphers can be used for online data (eg. not a one time pad)

2. Previous 'unbreakable' ciphers, including overview of classic ciphers

2.1. Vignere cipher

3. Introduction

3.1. Why is data security important; what data is stored online, what could be done with it etc.

3.2. Description of what will be contained in this project; mainly ciphers, less coverage on system bugs, and physical attacks/defence

4. Current main ciphers and CSPRNGs: RSA, AES etc.

4.1. Briefly explain origins of these ciphers, including previous ciphers, possibly starting with Ceaser and working up to DES.

4.2. Explain how these ciphers work, the algorithms behind them etc

4.3. Explain attacks against them

4.4. Modulo 2

5. Unconditionally secure cipher: One time pad (OTP), as well as mathematical proof that this is unconditionally secure

5.1. Define the unconditionally secure cipher, explain mathematically why it is unconditionally secure

5.2. Explain why other ciphers are not unconditionally secure

5.3. Show the reasons why unconditionally secure ciphers are difficult and not always practical to implement

6. Quantum cryptography

6.1. How does quantum cryptography work; the Heisenberg uncertainty principle

6.2. Possibility of breaking it

6.3. Explain that it is only a method of key exchange; a private key cipher is still required to encrypt the data itself