Concise Learning Method

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Concise Learning Method by Mind Map: Concise Learning Method

1. Preview

1.1. Create High Level Map

1.1.1. ID Key Concepts

1.1.2. ID Your Questions

1.1.3. Note Unfamiliar Terms

2. Participate

2.1. During Lecture

2.1.1. Map Key Concepts

2.1.2. Ask Questions

2.1.3. Develop New Questions

3. Process

3.1. After Lecture

3.1.1. Revise Key Concepts

3.1.2. Make Connections

3.1.3. Identify Unanswered questions

3.1.4. Fill In Information Gaps

4. Practice

4.1. Work w/New Concepts

4.1.1. Solve New Problems

4.1.2. Test Knowledge w/New Questions

5. Produce

5.1. Apply New Concepts:

5.1.1. Connect New to Existing Knowledge

5.1.2. Explore how new adds to existing Knowledge

5.1.3. Apply Knowledge to a new problem