NURS 2530 Adaptations Within the Family Unit-Obstetrical Nursing

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NURS 2530 Adaptations Within the Family Unit-Obstetrical Nursing by Mind Map: NURS 2530 Adaptations Within the Family Unit-Obstetrical Nursing

1. Week #4 Postpartum Chapters 23, 24, & 25

1.1. Discussion Board: List 2 different nursing diagnosis common to postpartum period. Must be different from other members of your group. Must include the complete nursing diagnosis with "related to" and "as evidenced by", use your imagination.

1.2. Case Study: Critical Thinking in Action- "Janet Burns" Answer the 5 questions regarding Episiotomy care in a wiki building on each others entries. Turn into the dropbox.

1.3. Test #2

2. POST CLINICAL #3 Review AWOHNN policy on Hyperbilirubenimia Psychological adjustments of assigned patients. Discuss Taking In vs. Taking Hold, En face, and Engrossment.

3. POST CLINICAL #4 Postpartum Depression Predictors Inventory (PDPI) pg 640 of textbook. Pass out as beining of clinical and discuss in post clinical.

4. Week #5 Newborn Chapters 26, 27, & 28

4.1. View Interactive Gestational Age Assessment Video in the computer lab. Place completed quiz in mailbox outside my office.

4.2. View the You Tube video of a mother giving a bath. What did you notice about the infant? Was the mother doing anything incorrectly? What teaching could the mother have benefited from? Work with your group to find 6 teachable moments in the video. List the appropriate nursing interventions.

4.3. Quiz #3

5. Week #6 Newborn Chapters 29, 30, & 31

5.1. View the video link at One True Media. Choose one of the breastfeeding slides to assess. Locate a breastfeeding assessment tool to evaluate the latch of the infant. There are about 5 different professional tools used in hospitals. Include a link to the site/article you find, the entire tool must be present in the link. Give 3 teaching strategies to improve the latch from the picture in the slide show. It may be helpful to use your nursing diagnosis book. The Jing tutorial will assist with your understanding of the project.


5.3. Please read the article from the American Academy of Pediatrics.Five members of your group are assigned to write a case study describing a newborn going through drug withdrawal. The description of infant should follow some of the signs and symptoms on the Neonatal Abstinence Score Sheet from page 801 of your text book. The other 5 members of the group will have to complete the Neonatal Abstinence Score Sheet and give 3 nursing interventions related to the severity of the withdrawal. According to the article from the AAP which drug do you think the mother abused prior to delivery?


5.5. This is the Jing video that will explain the Neonatal Abstinence project.

5.6. Test #3

6. POST CLINICAL #1 Review Fetal Monitor Strips

7. Week #1 Antenatal Care Chapters 9,10, 11, & 12

7.1. Voki Introduction

7.2. Jing Introduction to Group Project #1 Physical Changes During Pregnancy

7.3. Discussion Board: Using CultureVision-Describe the pregnancy diet from a culture other than your own, include 2 nursing implications. Must be at least 150 words with a 100 word response to one other student.

7.4. Quiz #1

8. Week #2 Intrapartum Care Chapters 16, 17, 18, & 20

8.1. Group Project: Locate a website that would provide your pregnant patient with information on one of the screening/diagnostic tests on Table 16-1. Make sure that the link is from a credible source. Respond to 2 other students telling them what you learned from their link.

8.2. Discussion Board: View the companion CD-ROM from your text for "Second Stage of Labor" and "Third Stage of Labor." How would your approach as a RN change if you were assisting with a 15 year old labor patient? On the discussion board write a 200 word entry with a 150 word response to one other student.

8.3. Test #1

9. Week #3 Birth 19, 21, & 22

9.1. Case Study: Critical Thinking in action-"June Dice" (pg 698 Instructor Manual) Answer the 5 questions regarding Oxytocin in a wiki building on each others entries. Turn into the dropbox.

9.2. View the You tube video at What complications might arise during labor and following the delivery for mom and baby? Give a 150 word answer (may NOT be the same complication as other students in your group). Respond to one other student, listing the nursing diagnosis for their complication.

9.3. Quiz #2

10. POST CLINICAL #2 Review IUPC and Epidural, investigate SMDC policy for both. Review AWOHHN policy.

11. Simulation Day

11.1. Postpartum Hemorrhage Simulation

11.2. Preeclampsia Simulation

11.3. Precipitous Delivery Simulation

11.4. Vaginal Exam Simulators

11.5. Leopold's Manuever

11.6. Video: The Business of Being Born