☃Hero Story☃

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☃Hero Story☃ by Mind Map: ☃Hero Story☃

1. 1. The Ordinary World

1.1. many stories of heroes is happened in the unusual place or birth

1.2. Examples: Dorothy < The Wizard of Oz

2. 2. The Call to Adventure

2.1. Called away from original World

2.2. Usually accepts journey

2.3. Examples: -Tornado < Wizard of Oz -Gandalf (wizard) arives < The Hobbit -R2D2's Cryptic Message < Star Wars

3. 3. Refusal of the Quest

3.1. Refusal usually brings trouble. Without accepting the journey there would be no story.

3.2. Examples: -Luke refuses the quest until he learns his aunt and uncle are dead < Star Wars -Simba refuses to return to Pride Rock and accept his destiny < The Lion King -Example of the negative cycle caused by refusing the call < Groundhog

4. 4. Accepting the Call

4.1. In the end the Hero always accept the journey.

5. 5. Entering the Unknown

5.1. the hero usually enters a new world and learn the rules like The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy must learn the rules of Oz The Matrix: Neo must come to grips with the realities and unrealities of the Matrix

5.2. Examples: -Dorothy must learn the rules of Oz < THe Wizard of Oz -Neo must come to grips with the realities and unrealities of the Matrix < Matrix

6. 6. Supernatural Aid

6.1. Doesn't always mean magic, could mean something abnormal or something that isn't found in the original world and receiving help from it

6.2. Examples: Gandolf < The hobbit The Ring < The Lord of the Rings Lightsaber< Star Wars

7. 7. Talisman

7.1. Items/Tools usually magical help the heron on his/hers quest.

7.2. Examples: Ruby Slippers < The Wizard of Oz The Ring < The Lord of the Rings Lightsaber < Starwars

8. 8.Allies/ Helpers

8.1. the heros always get helps to get better at something or to learn

8.2. Examples: -Lord of the Rings < Samwise Gamgee -The Wizard of Oz < The Tin Woodsman, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion

9. 9. Tests and the Supreme Ordeal

9.1. Hero learns and trains for final battle and uses the things he learned to actually fight in the final battle.

9.2. Examples: -Blowing up the Death Star < Star Wars -Mount Doom < The Lord of the Rings -Defeating the Witch < The Wizard of Oz

10. 10. Reward and the Journey Home

10.1. heros usually given reward because they have succeeded in doing their task or mission. Then they have the return home to the original world.

10.2. The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies The Lord of the Rings: Return to Hobbit

11. 11. Master of Two Worlds/ Restoring the World

11.1. The Hero will know about both worlds. They could have changed or saved the original world. The hero also gains many strengths.

11.2. Examples: -Frodo saves the Shire < Lord of the Rings -Dorothy rids Oz of the Wicked Witch < The Wizard of Oz