Prudent (adj)

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Prudent (adj) by Mind Map: Prudent (adj)

1. Synonyms

1.1. tactical

1.2. wise

1.3. shrewd

1.4. sensible

2. Other forms

2.1. Prudence (noun)

2.1.1. Her prudence before every test caused her to ace all of her classes

3. Definition

3.1. Acting with or showing care and thought for the future

3.2. Careful in providing for the future

3.3. wise or judicious in practical affairs

3.4. wise in handling practical matters: excersizing good judgement or common sense

3.5. Careful about one's conduct

3.6. Careful in regard to one's own interests

4. Examples

4.1. Prudent thinking for the enviorment

4.2. Prudent living

5. Antonyms

5.1. careless

5.2. thoughtless

5.3. reckless

5.4. incautious