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What's New In Ableton Live 9 ------ by Mark Mosher by Mind Map: What's New In Ableton Live 9
by Mark Mosher
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What's New In Ableton Live 9 ------ by Mark Mosher

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Preview of Factory Instruments


Live 9 Suite comes with more than 3000 production-ready sounds

Full list

Pack Store


Compete Re-Write of Browser

Type, Categories, Places

Session View

Clip Automation

Envelope Editing

Envelope breakpoints are now created by single-clicking on the envelope.


Curves, Curves are created and adjusted by holding the [ALT](PC) / [ALT](Mac) modifier while dragging an envelope segment., (Double-clicking while holding [ALT] PC) / [ALT](Mac) returns the segment to a straight line.

Arrangement View

"Consolidate Time to New Scene"

MIDI Editing


[B] toggles Draw Mode. Holding [B] while editing with the mouse toggles Draw Mode temporarily. Additionally, MIDI notes can now be resized while in Draw Mode.

The currently selected tracks, devices, notes or clips can be activated or deactivated with the [0] key.

[Enter] key now toggles between time and note selection in MIDI clips.

[Q] toggles Hot-Swap mode

[D] toggles the Hot-Swap selection between a Drum Rack and its last selected pad.

Stretch MIDI Notes

Transform Tools

Transpose slider

:2 and *2 buttons double or halve the playback speed of the selectio





Edit Automation More Easily

Add Curves

Mixing & Mastering

Envelope Curves

EQ8 Redesigned

improved filters, a detachable display that shows the frequency spectrum of the output signal and allows multiple filter dots to be adjusted simul­taneously, optional “Adaptive Q” and Audition modes, and a number of other improve­ments.  

Spectrum View




New Glue Compressor

The Glue Compressor is an analog-modeled compressor created in collaboration with Cytomic, and is based on the classic bus compressor from a famous 80’s mixing console. 

Compressor Improvements

auto Release mode, which automatically adjusts the release time based on the incoming audio. A Dry/Wet control allows for easy paral­lel compression. The Ratio can be set below 1:1, for upward expansion. The shape of the envelope follower can be switched between linear and logarithmic. Finally, a new display shows input and output levels, making it easier to adjust parameters.   


Gate Effect

Gate effect (page 325) now responds more accurately. There is also a new Re­turn control (also known as “hysteresis”) to help reduce “chatter” when the level changes quickly near the threshold, as well as a sidechain EQ. Finally, a new display shows input and output levels, making it easier to adjust parameters.   

Creative Tools

Convert to MIDI




Max for Live (Now Included in Suite)


Free Devices

Toolkit for making your own devices

Tools for integrating custom hardware


Instrument, Drum Synth

Audio, Buffer Shuffler 2.0, Convolution Reverb, Capture the characteristic reverb of real physical spaces., Convolution Reverb Pro, Device Randomizer, Envelope Follower, IR Measurement Device, LFO, MultiMap, PitchDrop, XY Pad

MIDI, Envelope, Expression Control, Instant Haus, LFO MIDI, Mono Sequencer, Note Echo


Versions for


64-Bit, Read "64-bit - Myths and Facts" article on Ableton Site



Standard $499



Ableton Push with Live 9 Intro $599

Ableton Push (with Live 9 Standard) $948

Ableton Push (with Live 9 Suite) $1,198.00

New Options Preferences







You can now hot-swap USB controllers