The river and the lake of Europe

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The river and the lake of Europe by Mind Map: The river and the lake of Europe

1. The rivers of Europe.

1.1. The rivers Europe are clasified depending on the ocean in wich they flow. In Europe there are five types:

1.1.1. The artic slope: The river flow in the artic ocean some of them with a large flow freeze in winter. The longest river are pechora and the divina septentrional.

1.1.2. The atlantic slope: the river of this slope have more flow than the rest Europe one, like the divena occidental, vistula, oder, elba, rin, sena, loira and the tajo.

1.1.3. The mediterranean slope: There rivers of this slope have few irregular and flow. the most important are Ebro, ROdanoand the Po.

1.1.4. The blak sea slope: there are rivers very long and with high flow, like the danubio and the dniester.

1.1.5. The caspio sea slope: There are long and flow rivers like the Volga.

2. The lakes

2.1. The lakes of the north: in sweeden, nordway, finland and russia. The most important is the onega and the ladoga.

2.2. The lakes of south: there are little lakes and not deep, like the Albufera, in Spain.

2.3. The Alpines lake: They are situated among the mountain of the alps in Spain and the North of Italy.