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What does it mean to be stewards of the natural world? by Mind Map: What does it mean to be stewards of the natural world?
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What does it mean to be stewards of the natural world?

What is Alberta' Geography?


Natural Resources



Animal life

How do Albertan's deal with competing demands on land use between Recreation, Resource Development and Environmental Protection?

What are Alberta's Natural Resources? Where are they found?

What recreational activities do we enjoy in nature?

Environmental Protection

What is Albertan's relationship to the land in the past, present and future?

First Nations

First Settlers

Fur Trade

Uraban vs Rural

What is an Ecological Footprint?






Why is Cross Conservation Area Important?

To plants animals and insects

To people

What is Stewardship?

What are the Biblical roots of Stewardship?

We are called to justice and peace!

What is environmental justice?

Possible Activities at Cross Conservation



Make a video about your favourite area

Create a plant, animal and track ID book

Guest Speakers

Looking at Biofacts

Preparation for Cross Conservation

How to dress

Make Sit Upons

Using the Journals in all weather

Using cameras

Journaling techniques


Preparation meeting for parents

Understanding behaviour expectations

Follow up activities for after Cross Conservation

Publish Imagine Poems and Art

Make memory collage using pictures from our week

Students will blog about their experiences

Student initiated eco-actions

Critical Challenge: Why is Cross Conservation Important

Compare Cross Conservation with Glenmore Reservoir

Google Map of Cross Conservation

Follow up on wonderings during Genius Hour (free time for exploration)