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Ancient Rome by Mind Map: Ancient Rome
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Ancient Rome


Punic Wars

Acceptable Evidence: Students will describe the participants of the Punic Wars and its significance., Teacher Activity: Teacher will provide selected reading on the Punic Wars., Students will be grouped to discuss the reading., Students will show their understanding of the Punic Wars by writing a short summary about its significance.



Location of the Roman Republic

Acceptable Evidence: Map Showing where the Roman Republic is and its surrounding geographic features like rivers, oceans, mountains., Teacher Activity: Teacher Lecture on the location of the Roman Republic with Map., Students create a map locating the Roman Republic and its geographic features, Students discuss the importance of Rome's geographic location and how it contributed to its growth through a series of questions on handout.



The Growth of Christianity

Acceptable Evidence: Analyze the reasons why Christianity spread., Teacher Activity: Primary Source analysis of Christian texts given to students. Brief lecture on Christianity (15min.)., Students will analyze primary source text., Students will work in groups to discuss primary sources., Students will explain the reasons why Christianity spread through the Roman Empire.