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chp4 by Mind Map: chp4

1. mass

1.1. amount of matter in a body

1.2. kg

1.3. scalar

2. weight

2.1. amount of gravitational force acting on an object

2.2. N

2.3. weight=mass *g

3. inertia

3.1. the inertia of an object refers to the reluctance of the object to change its state of rest or motion,due to its mass

3.2. mass↑,inertia↑

4. gravitational field strength

4.1. g

4.2. the gravitational force acting per unit mass

4.3. N/kg

4.4. on earth,g=10N/kg

5. density

5.1. density is defines as a substances's mass per unit volume

5.2. density=mass/volume

5.3. SI unit:kg/m³

5.4. 1000kg/m³=1g/cm³

5.5. floating and sinking

5.5.1. density of an object>density of the liquid:sinking

5.5.2. density of an object<density of the liquid:floating the denser the liquid,the higher an object will float in the liquid