Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 by Mind Map: Chapter 6

1. Sexual/Eating Metaphors, Subversion, and Creative Resistance

1.1. The word Comer, means both "to eat" and to actively consume another person sexually

1.1.1. You are defined by whether you are a persons who eats or who is eaten Men are seen as the eaters and women as the ones being eaten

1.2. Women and others perceived as being in the sexually passive position are generally the metaphorical receivers and they dar or "give"

1.3. "Eating" Metaphors point not only to the nature of gendered sexual power relations, but also in intimate ways in which economic and sexual aspects of normative gender intertwined.

1.3.1. Metaphors of eating and sexuality get turned upside down through humor

1.4. Woman seek men who have the resources and demands food from them

1.4.1. break off relationships with men who consume too much and produce little

1.5. Women are expected to be loyal to their partners simply because they are women

2. From Boys to Men

2.1. It is usually unhealthy for men to go too long without sex

2.1.1. It can provoke insanity.

2.1.2. A Polenguinho is a person who has gone for months without a sexual relation

2.1.3. A Requeijao is someone who has gone weeks without having sexual relations

2.2. Their is a desire to provide boys with sexual experiences so that they can be knowledgeable about and fulfill their sexually active role.

2.3. Boys are encouraged and expected to become active seducers

2.4. Gloria believes that men "naturally" must have access to sex

3. Sacanagem, Transgressions and Female Boundary-Setting

3.1. Sacanagem is an important organzing concept in the realm of Brazilian Sexuality

3.1.1. Parker described sacanagem as linking "notions of agressions and hostility, play and amusement, sexual excitement and erotic pleasure as well as one that hurts or humilates another

3.1.2. Often applied in the context of sexuality that boarders on the transgressive

3.1.3. points out the ambivalent and negative aspects of transgression in context of sexuality

3.2. Women are often cast in the role of sexual boundary setters in this transgressive complex

3.2.1. Define actions as necessary

3.2.2. Men ideally expected to transgress

3.3. In Brazil, the age of consent is fourteen

4. Sexuality

4.1. Sexuality is central

4.1.1. Materials

4.1.2. Personel

4.1.3. Services

4.1.4. Duration

4.2. Sexual jokes and teasing seems friendly

4.3. Both men and woman engage in sexual talk and banter

4.4. Brazils self-promoted image as an eroticized "tropical paradise"

4.5. Woman who consume too many sexual partners are referred to as galinhas and piranhas

4.5.1. Both are negative connotations

4.6. Class-specific regimes of sexuality do exist.

5. Cariocas

5.1. In Rio de Janeiro sexuality is extremely important to Carioca Idenity

5.1.1. Key metaphor used by Cariocas in their everyday language and description of almost all aspects of life

5.1.2. In Rio de Janeiro, public flirtation is an elaborate and beloved game, and appreciated as pleasurable and complimentary of womens bodies

5.2. Carioca bodies differently from North America or Western Europeans bodies

5.2.1. Carioca culture, recognizable in its penchant for clothing styles that hug and accentuate the body, particularly their buttocks

5.3. Possess a "sex-positive" attitude towards life