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What can mind mapping be used for? by Mind Map: What can mind mapping
be used for?
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What can mind mapping be used for?

Presenting Information

‘Create, develop, and present’

three very frequent requirements in business and education.

Online mind mapping software MindMeister includes a presentation mode

Within one platform you have the ability to create a topic and develop it using a mind map and then make a presentation

collaborate, brainstorm and present ideas

Main applications

Marketing plans

Final year projects

Pitching new product ideas

Pdvertising campaigns

Collecting information

Writing it on paper has many downsides

easily lost, destroyed, or forgotten

Collect, store and structure information it in a way that is easily managed

With online mind mapping software your information is backed up and stored in the cloud

Brainstorming and collaborating

Formidable brainstorming tool

Take notes in the office or by collaborating online

Users from different locations can be involved in brainstorming

Task and Project Management

Projects can be a long and complex process

Time management is a key concern

a mind map is a great way to optimize this

Start with a main mind map

create sub mind maps from here, it’s easy to assign tasks to team members, set due dates for task completion

allows you to have a visual overview of the project

Begin with a brain dumping session

individually or brainstorming with your project team

you can lay out all the information and ideas to do with the project

collected information is then organized and sorted into sub mind maps

Planning & Organizing

A mind map can be used to plan events


50th birthday partys

school recitals

company BBQs

Share the mind map with others

delegate tasks

set milestones

track the progress of each stage

Examples of mapping uses for organizing


Lectures courses

Annual calendar events

Company structure

Contact lists

Problem Solving

To solve a problem effectively or make a decision, you should know everything there is to know about the situation.

detail information for all sides to an argument

Visual overview of the problem or decision

enables you to evaluate and make well informed choices

Overview over complex topics

Hard to digest everything you read

Break down large amounts of information

Structure it in a way that allows you to have an easy overview of the topic

Retaining Information

When taking notes in a mind map you can categorize and organize them in a way which will help you remember and recall them at a later time

Add visual aids




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