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Finding Your Comps Topic by Mind Map: Finding Your Comps
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Finding Your Comps Topic

Emerging Idea

Search and Collect




Citation Index

Google Scholar

Emerging Literature, Working Papers, Ideas (RePEc), EconPapers, Conference Papers?

ICPSR Bibliography of Data Related Literature

Keep Aware





Save Citations with Citation Software, Zotero, EndNote

Bookmarks, Delicious, Cite U Like, Google Reader

Save searches, User Accounts in Databases

Search Notes, Breadcrumbs, Zotero, Bookmarks, Text File for notes, Next Steps, Tags & Notes in Zotero, Multiple document method

Get Documents

Full Text Online, Download linked document, Look up using Journals List

ILL, order from within databases, order from web site

Print, scanning in Libe


Multiple Modes of Reading

Reading abstracts


Cherry picking for bibliographic relationships

Cherry picking for data sources


In-depth reading for comprehension and critique

Read to understand exact contribution to the literature

Take notes

PDF Readers, Mendeley, PDF XChange (PC), Skim (Mac), Adobe Professional (Labs), Preview (Mac)

Note authors

Note data sources

Refine and Relate

What research does this paper rest upon?


What other research rests on or progresses from the same foundation

Citation Index

Refining your next search

What research cites this paper?

Citation Index

How does your research fit into this web of scholarship?

Your Citation Map

Revisit Idea