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XPages Learning by Mind Map: XPages Learning
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XPages Learning


How to export a view to excel

How to tell if your web application has been modified in 4 lines of code

TIP: Getting the XPage Extension Library name pickers to show more than 50 names

Building great looking XPages Applications

Building great looking XPages Applications

Integration with XPage Embedded Experiences

Mercurial source control

XPages Designer & SOURCE CONTROL

#1 Installing Mercurial Source Control into Domino Designer 9

#2 Basic Repo Usage: Committing and History

#3 Connecting To A Remote Mercurial Repository

#4 Introduction to Source Control Branching Concepts

#5 Mercurial Branching and Merging

#6 Using Source Control Tags

#7 Pulling Changesets from a Remote Repository

#8 Using Revert and Changing Repo NSF Files

#9 Our Mercurial Source Control Strategy in Domino Designer 9


Automate Testing in your XPages Application

Integrating XPages with DB2

Part 1

Make your XPages more maintainable


Notes Dev Tips "May" Newsletter

The useful resource for IBM Lotus Domino XPages development

CSS for IBM Notes and Domino XPages Developers

Lost in XPages, Soon to be Found

Show relational data in Domino Designer with Quantum DB Eclipse Plugin and jdbc drivers

How I Got XPiNC Run-On-Server With SSO Working

Test your webservices in Domino Designer with SOAP UI Eclipse Plugin

XPage Tips

Setting Up The IBM HTTP Server with Domino 9

Setting Up TLS (SSL) for IBM HTTP Server with Domino 9 - Part 1

Setting Up TLS (SSL) for IBM HTTP Server with Domino 9 - Part 2

Setting up IBM HTTP Server to redirect all traffic to HTTPS when fronting Domino

Snippets - Would you like to have "code snippets" ready, same as other developers do?

Workaround for issues with XPage in iframe on external website


Optimizing Ext JS 4.1-based Applications

Selecting data from the grid and opening a document

Doing an @Unique(@DbColumn) equivalent in the grid

Remote sorting using the REST service

Adding a Pager

Basic Grid

#2 Basic Grid capabilities

#3 Creating a basic grid from a Custom Control

#10 Grid Row Expander plugin

#12 Counting categories with Grouped columns

#13 Totaling your columns with a groupingSummary

EXTJS in XPages 9

An intro video for the Ext Lib Mobile Controls



Part 1 of the Java course for XPages developers

Part 3 of the Java course for XPages developers

Writing Java to build applications

Lotuscript to Java Beans

Intro to Java for Domino Developers

Java Traps and Misconceptions

Taking the scary out of Java in XPages

How to recycle Notes objects in XPages and Java

Managed Beans

How to use Managed Beans in XPages, Part 1, Part 2, Demo

XPages Blast - Managed beans

Intro to Java Controller Classes

Master Class: Managed Beans and XPages: Your Time Is Now

My Managed Bean Conundrum - Part 2

When, Why and How

Using beans as validators in XPages

Managed Beans, XPages and Testability


#1: Rethinking the Approach to XPage Development

#2: Designing Your Application Model for MVC

#3: Creating the DAO

#4: Finishing the Model Layer

Create your own Required Validators


Relational Data Access in XPages

Java and Selections, Part One: Introduction, Part Five: Value Pickers Solution, Part Six: Value Picker Solution Continued, Part Seven: ArrayLists and Value Pickers


Beautify Your XPages Apps With Dojo Charting

Data Grid

#1: Default Features

#2: Providing the Data with a REST Service

#3: Creating Your First Grid

#4 Additional Grid Features

#5 Grid Column Features

#6 Reordering Columns

#7 Sorting

#8 Opening Documents

#9: Multi-Row Entries

#10 Full-text Search and Field-Specific Filtering

#11 Editing Data in the Grid

#12 Highlighting Edited Rows

#13 Create a Dojo EnhancedGrid

#14 Enhanced Filtering with No Coding!

#15 EnhancedGrid Printing

#16 Exporting Grid Data

#17 EnhancedGrid Drag and Drop

#18 EnhancedGrid Context Menus

#19 Pass-through HTML Grid Columns

#20 Icon Columns

#21 Locking Columns

#22 Using a Date Picker in an Editable Column

#23 Using a ComboBox in an Editable Column

#24 Using a Multiline Editor in an Editable Column

Lessons Learned

Replay Webinar Dojo Grids in XPages

Categorized Dojo TreeGrid in XPages – Add Totals and Counts

Using XPages? – Want to disable Dojo?


Create a Categorized Dojo TreeGrid

Categorized Dojo TreeGrid - Additional Features

External sites

Notes In 9




NotesIn9 Episode GuideMap

NotesIn9 114: Using Wrappers with XPages


Category Bean for XPages







Getting Started with IBM Notes 9

Part 1: Installation

Part 2: Introducing the Masthead

Part 3: The Search Box

Part 4: Discovering the new Notes welcome screen

Part 6: Bookmarks


Taming IBM Domino Designer

Introduction to SSJS Debugger in Domino Designer 9

IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition OpenSocial Component Deployment Cookbook

Notes 9: Some interesting

Intro to XPages development for Domino developers

XPages Jumpstart

Introduction to XPages Development

What’s New In Domino Designer 9 – REPLAY


Domino API - I LOVE IT

Running OpenNTF Domino API code directly from Eclipse

XPages Masterclass

Video 1

Video Series 1 - Video 4

Master Class: XPages Performance - Inside Out

IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK Sample Apps Walk Through More information for XPages Developers :- Getting started with XPages


Roll Your Own Domino REST Service

part 1 – Paging

part 2 – Sorting

Domino Data Service

Adding an INotes Calendar using a REST Service

Extension Library REST Services

Rolling Your Own Authentication for REST API's in XPages

Searching XPages REST service and returning the real count in the results

Documentation Extension Library REST Services


Building Your First Mobile Application Using XPages

Using The Free Unplugged Mobile XPages Controls

Part 2 - Editing Data and Creating Forms

Part 3 - Displaying Images and Camera Integration

XPages Mobile Controls Made Easy

Unplugged XPages Mobile Controls

Mobilizing Your Applications with XPages


jQuery Mobile

Dojo Mobile ScrollablePane implementation

Mobile Controls






How to use Worklight with XPages


Easy to use Picture Carouse

New to jQuery?

jQuery The World's Most Popular JavaScript Library Comes to XPages

Shadow (Add eye catching drop shadows to your page elements)

Beyond the Basic

Beyond the Basics

XPages Extensibility API

Responsive Layout Framework

XPages Social Tools cheat sheet

Test your XPages knowledge

Planning applications (XPages MindMap)

Domino JDBC Access

OneUI styled replacement for the alert() function

Creating custom renderers for XPages controls

Disable automatic On Disk Project syncing

Beware <script> in XPages

XPages ND9 (Dojo 1.8) does not work with other AMD loaders (and the work around)

Twelve Tasks Made Easier With IBM Domino XPages

Testing XPages: Quick Start


Bootstrap UI Template Kit

New Release of the Trouble Ticket Application

New release XPages Bazaar

OSnippets, OSnippets Application to share Code Snippets and Blog Entries, OSnippets Template

Twitter Bootstrap

Button decorations

Creating Twitter Bootstrap Widgets

Part I Anatomy of a Widget

Part II Let's Assemble

Typeahead and Tooltips with Twitter

New release Bootstrap UI Template Kit


Using Bootstrap with (JS/ CSS) resource aggregation

Using Bootstrap Modal Dialog Control to Create a Step by Step Wizard

Getting Started With Twitter Bootstrap by Kathy Brown

Part 1

Part 2

Small Changes To Modernize Your Apps

Typeahead and tooltips with Twitter Bootstrap and XPages

Twitter Bootstrap Series by Patrick Kwinten

Breadcrumbs from Notes view in Twitter Bootstrap (with XPages)


Basic Controls

Rich Text Editor, XPages Rich Text Editor Evolution, Enable autogrow feature of CKEditor

Edit Box, Hide-whens in XPages

Container Controls

View Control, Launch Attachments

isEditable() won't work on panels with READ ACL

XPages best practice: computed selection lists

Striped Tables in XPages

Repeat Control 101

Custom Conrols

XPages Custom Properties

Custom Control for custom layout of checkboxes

Social Controls

Using Social Controls in XPages

Extending Your App Arsenal With OpenSocial


Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

Get All Properties of an Object in JavaScript

How to activate and use the expressions view in the SSJS debugger

CSJS, Inject CSJS code at page top, JavaScript variable hoisting, Writing a single library for SSJS and CSJS validation, Writing a single library for SSJS and CSJS validation – first success

Using Object literal notation to write better JavaScript in your XPages

Test to see if your variable's value is valid

Breadcrumbs in XPages

Alternating Row Colors along with Dynamically Setting

Dynamically Set Row Colors in a View or Repeat Control

Arguably the most dangerous thing you could ever do in XPages

Extention Library

What Does That Do? Application Layout Control



jQuery The World's Most Popular JavaScript Library Comes to XPages

IBM Notes Travel Rollout

Gamifying Enterprise Applications with XPages

How to work effectively with your ACLs and ACL groups

How to use the IBM Social Business Toolkit in HTML/JavaScript Applications