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AppliGate by Mind Map: AppliGate
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Quick Java Course for XPages Developers

How to use Managed Beans in XPage


Een courselet is een online mini cursus, die bestaat uit een online presentatie van maximaal 15 minuten, aangevuld met een opdracht. Wij ontwikkelen courselets als extra studiemateriaal voor onze XPages cursussen. Met de AppliGate's XPages Wiki ondersteunen onze cursisten eveneens met extra studiematerial.

Using the XPages Repeat Control

XPages and the JSF Lifecycle Courselet

How to Programmatically Manage the titleBarTabs Object courselet


XPages Introductie

XPages Advanced

Building iPhone Web Apps using "Classic" Domino

RESTful Web API Applications


AppliGate delivers instructor-led XPages courses since 2009 either as public or as private training. Public courses are organized at the meetingspace of Seats2Meet in Maarssen, the Netherlands. Private training can be organized worldwide at the customers place. XPage courses are scheduled on a regular base.

4-day Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.2 Basic XPages Applications

Giulia goes for AngularJS


AppliGate develops RESTful web service applications for the Google App Engine cloud environment.


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