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Input by Mind Map: Input

1. What is input

1.1. Imput is any data and instruction entered to thememory of a computer

2. The keyboard

2.1. a keyboard is an input device that contain keys users preess to enter data to acomputer

3. Pointing devices

3.1. Mouse

3.1.1. a mouse is a pointing device the mouse most used pointing device on desktop computer

3.2. Trackball

3.2.1. a trackball is stationnary pointing with a ball on it top a ball to move pointer

3.3. Touchpad

3.3.1. a touchpad is a small,flat,rectangular pointing device that is sensitive to pressur and motion to move the pointer touchpad are found most often on nothbook

3.4. Pointing stick

3.4.1. a pointing stick is a pressure-sensitive pointing device shaped like a pencil eraser

3.5. Light pen

3.5.1. a light pen is a handheld input device that can detect the presence of light

3.6. Touch Screen

3.6.1. a touch screen is a touch-sensitive display divice

3.7. Pen input

3.7.1. Mobile users often enter data with pen input

4. Controllers for gameing and media player

4.1. Joystick

4.1.1. joystick is a handheld vertical laver mounted on a base

4.2. Wheel

4.2.1. a wheel is a steering-wheel-type input divice

4.3. Light gun

4.3.1. a light gun is used to shoot targets and moving objects affter pull the trigger on the weapon

4.4. Dance Pad

4.4.1. a dance Pad is a flat electronic divice

4.5. Motion -sensing game controller

4.6. Game pad

4.7. Touch Sensitive pads

5. Void in put

5.1. microphone

5.2. audio input

6. Input for Pdas Smartphone and Tablet pcs

6.1. PDAs

6.1.1. ship

6.2. Smartphone

6.3. Tablet Pcs

6.3.1. digital pen

7. Digital cameras

8. Vidio input

8.1. Pc camera

8.2. webcam

8.3. Vidio conferencing

9. Scanners and Reading Device

9.1. Optical Scanner

9.2. Optical Readers

9.3. Bar code Readder

9.4. RFID Readers

9.5. Magnetic Stripe Card Readers

9.6. MICR readers

9.7. New node


10.1. Point-of-Sale Terminal

10.2. Automate Teller Machine