Application Software

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Application Software by Mind Map: Application Software

1. Web Applications

1.1. A Web application is a Web site that allows users to access and interact with software from any computer or device that is connected to the Internet

2. Objective Overview

3. Summary

4. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use

5. Application Software for Communications

6. Business Software

6.1. Word processing software allows users to create and manipulate documents

6.2. Clip art is a collection of electronic drawings, photos, and other images

6.3. Spreadsheet software allows users to organize data in rows and columns and perform calculations

6.4. A database is a collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data

6.5. Presentation software allows users to create visual aids for presentations to communicate ideas, messages, and other information to a group

6.6. Note taking software is application software that enables users to enter typed text, handwritten comments, drawings, or sketches anywhere on a page

6.7. A software suite is a collection of individual programs available together as a unit

6.8. A personal information manager (PIM) is application software that includes

7. Learning Tools for Application Software

7.1. Online Help is the electronic equivalent of a user manual

7.2. You can ask a question or accessthe Help topics in subject or alphabtical order

7.3. Web-basad Help provides updates and more comprehensive resources to respond to technical issues about software

7.4. Web-based training is a type of CBT that uses Internet technology and consists of application software on the Web

7.5. Distance learning (DL) is the delivery of education at one location while the learning takes place at other locations

8. Graphics and Multimedia Software

8.1. Web page authoring software helps users of all skill levels create Web pages that include multimedia and interactive content