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Silverback Website by Mind Map: Silverback Website

1. Site/Page Wide Elements

1.1. RSS News/Blog Feed

1.2. News Letter Signup

1.2.1. Possibly use if there is no integrated solution in the software solution that I end up choosing

1.3. Phone Number: 1-877-7SLVBAK

1.4. Shopping Cart Widget - Shows the contents of the shopping cart throughout the site no matter what section you are in

1.5. Refer a Friend widget

1.5.1. Signup and Recieve $ when ever you refer a friend Extension of the affiliate program - they automatically get an affiliate link Network Marketing In nature with 2 Tier commissions

2. Shopping Cart

2.1. Landing Pages

2.1.1. Main Landing Page Media/Content to Promote Conversions

2.1.2. Alternative Landing Pages Media/Content to promote conversions of specific traffic

2.2. Product Catagory/Listing Page

2.2.1. Shirts Bamboo/Cotton/Spandex Blend (Options) 1 Pack 3 Pack 5 Pack Poly/Synthetic/Spandex Blend (Options) 1 Pack 3 Pack 5 Pack

2.3. Product Detail Page

2.3.1. Content layout AJAX Box with tabs to the content categories Content all on 1 page Content all on 1 page except for comments (comments on different page or none at all - possibility of only having a rating system)

2.3.2. Description

2.3.3. Tech Specs

2.3.4. Comments/Reviews/Ratings of Products

2.4. Product Gallery

2.4.1. Use Lightbox 2 or Similar Program Set it up so that the images can be changed from withing the program by clicking on the right and left sides of the images Preferable if there is a way to zoom into images

2.4.2. Multiple Angles

2.5. Checkout Process

2.5.1. Try for 1 step Checkout but max 2 step

2.5.2. HTML Email Receipt sent to Client after purchase

3. Product Education

3.1. In-depth facts and explainations of how products work

3.1.1. Wicking

3.1.2. Moisture Transport System

3.1.3. Antimicrobial Propertied

3.2. Explainations of benifits of feature of our products

3.2.1. Bamboo Antimocrobial Wicking Eco Friendly Softness

3.2.2. Poly/Spandex Rapid Wicking Rapid Drying Shirt make you feel cool Silky feel Long lasting shirts Added Antimicrobial properties

3.2.3. 2nd Layer of Protection Adds Extra Barrier

4. About Us

4.1. Information Regarding Company and Its History

5. Contact Us

5.1. Contact Information

5.2. Email Contact Form

5.2.1. Add Special DIV Tag CSS Formating with Title on the Border

5.3. Google Maps Embedded Locations

6. Blog/News/Media

6.1. Company News

6.2. Product News

6.3. Media Highlights

6.4. Testemonials

6.4.1. Could be done through a forum type application

7. FAQ/Help

7.1. List of Questions People Will Likely Want To Know The Answer To

7.2. List of Proceedures and Topic People Will Need Help With

8. Shipping and Return Policies

8.1. Located in the Footer and Help/FAQ Parts of the Site

9. Affiliate Program

9.1. 3rd Party Program

10. Legend

10.1. = Pages or Sections Needing A Layout

10.2. = Options that will be included in every section of the site

10.3. = May not require design