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Everything Open and Free by Mind Map: Everything Open and Free
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Everything Open and Free

Crowdfunding, Social Lending

Free High School Science Texts, CK-12 Foundation

FLOSS Manuals, Wikieducator, Wikibooks

I. Aspects of Openness



Shareability ("Forkability")


II. Enablers of Openness

Open Definitions, Open Standards Definition, Open Knowledge Definition

Open Code

Open Access Publishing, ArXiv

Open Licences

Sharing Licences: Creative Commons

Commons Licenses: GPL,

Open Standards, W3C

Open Data

Open Facilitation, Open Space

Open Governance, Sociocracy, Holacracy

IV. Practices of Openness

Open Knowledge & Science, Open Knowledge Foundation

Open and Free Software

Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, etc..), Firefox, OpenOffice

Open Designs, Instructables, Honeybee Network, Appropedia, Howtopedia, Demotech

Open Hardware

http://p2pfoundation.NET/Product_Hacking, Arduino / Buglabs / OpenMoko, Maker Magazine, Ponoko, Shapeways, Factor E Farm, FabLabs

Open Currencies, Metacurrency Project, Flowspace, OpenCoin, LETS, WIR, JAK Bank, Jean-Francois Noubel, Thomas Greco, Bernard Lietaer, Georg Pleger, Michael Linton

Open Capital & Ownership, Entrepreneur Commons, Marc Dangeard

Open Funding Practices

VI. Products of Openness

Open Textbooks

Open Journals

Open Government Data

Open Courseware / OER, MIT's OpenCourseWare

III. Infrastructures of Openness

Open Collaboration Spaces, HackLabs, Casa Robino Amsterdam, The Hub

Open Collaboration (Technical) Platforms

Open Spectrum, Open Mobile, Open Cloud and Open Media, IndyMedia

Global Village and Neonomadic Infrastructures


Physical Infrastructures for 'Open' Life: Open Manufacturing, Distributed Energy, Food/Agriculture

OpenMaterials, Arduino Platform, GreenXchange

Open Meeting Infrastructure

Unconferences, BarCamps

Open Funding Infrastructures

Crowdfunding, Social Lending

Open territories

Regiowikis, Brest in CC .., Michel Briand

V. Domains of Openness

Open Education

http://p2pfoundation.het/Category:Education, Connectivist Learning Theory / Open Accreditation

Open Science, Cambia / Bios / BioBrick

Open Business

Open Government & Open Politics, Sunlight Foundation, MySociety

Open Spirituality, John Heron's Cooperative Inquiry, Open Anabaptism, Open Reiki, Open Yoga, Jorge Ferrer's Participatory Turn

Participatory Process

Commons-oriented Output

VII. Open Movements


Global Swadeshi, Open Source Ecology, Global Village Network

Neue Idee

The Pirate Parties

Institute for Distributed Creativity

Institute for Network Cultures, P2P Research Group


OpenKollab, Open Everything



VIII. Open Consciousness

Open Subjectivities

Open Intersubjectivities: the new Relationality

Neue Idee

Suggested Diagram Revision / Simplification