PhoneGap and AngularJS

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PhoneGap and AngularJS by Mind Map: PhoneGap and AngularJS

1. Summery

1.1. Lean

1.2. Be prepared for the future (the Angular way)

1.3. Let's work together to make native programmers unemployed!

1.4. My info

1.4.1. LinkedIn

1.4.2. G+

1.4.3. [email protected]

2. Tools

2.1. Process

2.1.1. Start a PhoneGap app

2.1.2. Get a seed app Yeoman angular-phonegap-seed angular-mobile-nav

2.1.3. IDE WebStorm Whatever Adobe Edge Animate

2.1.4. Debug Locally chrome locally Dev Tools! Magic touch Browser Stack Batarang Remote Android iOS

2.1.5. Deploy xCode Android Debug Tool

3. Performance

3.1. "It is easier to optimize correct code than to correct optimized code" -Bill Harlan (from A Tirade Against the Cult of Performance)

3.2. The Breakpoint

3.2.1. Memory leaks

3.2.2. Bottlenecks

3.2.3. Profiling

3.3. Github's CSS performance

3.4. The Angular way (Not JQuery mobile!!!)

3.4.1. No need for JQuery, Jquery mobile, JQuery-UI

3.4.2. Smart binding Javascript vs. DOM manipulation

3.4.3. Object.observe

4. Standardisation and structure

4.1. Framework!

4.2. mobile-view

4.3. Angular 1.1.4

4.3.1. ng-animate Combine translate3d

4.3.2. ng-mobile ng-tap / ng-click feat(ngTap): Add a CSS class while the element is held down ng-swipe (left/right) hammer.js

4.4. AngularJS directives to all of PhoneGap's plugins

4.5. Out of the structure when you really need to

5. Progress

5.1. Web

5.1.1. Chrome for android Release cycle Full screen WebRTC Password sync

5.1.2. Chromium for webview

5.1.3. PhoneGap release every month

5.2. Native

5.2.1. ?

5.3. New stuff

5.3.1. Google Glass REST API HTML tickets

6. Community

6.1. Angular support group

7. Bullshit talk

7.1. Agenda

7.1.1. Why go HTML?

7.1.2. Change the approach

7.1.3. Start building a standart toolset

7.1.4. How AngularJS relates?

7.1.5. Workflow workflow workflow

7.2. Me

7.2.1. Bink

7.2.2. Background c++/MFC, C#/WPF

7.2.3. Built iOS, not android

7.2.4. and now AngularJS