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Echo by Mind Map: Echo

1. Narcissus

1.1. Boy that Echo wants to marry.

1.2. Someone who only loves himself and looks at nymphs with major distaste.

2. Zeus

2.1. Caused Hera to take away Echos voice

3. Hera

3.1. Took away Echos voice.

4. The woods

4.1. Her home and where she followed Narcissus

5. Nemesis

5.1. Made Narcissus love only himself

5.2. Essentially killed Narcissus by making him an addict to his reflection.

6. The lake

6.1. Created a reflection of Narcissus that he then worships and never leaves.

6.2. Where Narcissus becomes a daffodil.

6.3. Where Echo says repeats Farewell to Narcissus as he dies.

7. The Cave

7.1. Where Echo withers away leaving only her voice in some myths. Not all include this part.

7.2. If you shout into this cave Echo will repeat what you say.