P2P Foundation (Wiki Category)

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P2P Foundation (Wiki Category) by Mind Map: P2P Foundation (Wiki Category)

1. About the P2P Foundation

1.1. General public knowledge about the foundation

1.2. P2P Foundation Current Board of Directors

1.3. Current Projects

1.4. Current Councils and Committees

1.5. Current Partners Of the P2P Foundation

1.6. How the P2P Foundation is Organized

1.7. Mission and Vision of the P2P Foundation

1.8. Current Opportunities with the P2P Foundation

2. P2P Foundation Operations

2.1. Information about the internal systems and maintenance

2.2. P2P Foundation Operations

2.3. P2P Foundation Operating Principles

2.4. P2P Foundation Board Operations

2.5. Partnering with the P2P Foundation

2.6. P2P Foundation Wiki

2.7. P2P Foundation Blog

2.8. P2P Seminars and Education

2.9. P2P Foundation Social Publishing

3. Working with the P2P Foundation

3.1. Information about how to work with the Foundation and the systems

3.2. Getting Start with the Wiki

3.3. Writing for the P2P Foundation Blog

3.4. Advanced Wiki Tutorials

3.4.1. Managing a Category or Project on the Wiki

3.4.2. How to Use Categories

3.4.3. How to Use Templates

3.5. Creating a Biographical entry on the Wiki

3.6. Wiki Cheat Sheet

3.7. P2P Foundation Scientific Research Network

4. P2P Knowledge Commons

4.1. P2P Foundation Resource Collections

4.1.1. These are navigation categories that contain no pages at the top level. We watch the categories and refile information at necessary. Each category is a redirect to the main top level categories

4.1.2. P2P Design

4.1.3. P2P Manufacturing

4.1.4. etc etc etc

4.2. P2P Foundation Network

4.2.1. P2P Foundation Scientific Research Network

4.2.2. Individuals in the Network

4.3. P2P Multimedia Directory

4.3.1. Articles

4.3.2. Webcasts

4.4. P2P by Language

4.4.1. N