Emergence of UK Tech: Seed Stage Saul Klein (LocalGlobe) Michael Gasiorek (Startup Grind)

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Emergence of UK Tech: Seed Stage Saul Klein (LocalGlobe) Michael Gasiorek (Startup Grind) by Mind Map: Emergence of UK Tech: Seed Stage  Saul Klein (LocalGlobe) Michael Gasiorek (Startup Grind)

1. About this mind map

1.1. Created by Liam Hughes

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1.1.2. Conference attendee

1.1.3. @BiggerplateLiam

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1.3.3. Vienna & San Francisco

1.3.4. Nice people!

2. What to expect in London

2.1. Ecosystem

2.1.1. Capital

2.1.2. Talent

2.1.3. Guidance

2.2. Access to customers

2.2.1. Testing early products

2.2.2. Biggest english market in world

2.2.3. Consumer

2.2.4. Enterprise All sectors here Tech Finance Legal Government All in one city

2.3. Talent

2.3.1. From abroad Diversity of skills Pre-Brexit strength Need reassurance Must be maintained

2.3.2. Homegrown Education system Universities In-house skills

3. Brexit impact?

3.1. Big macro doesn't impact

3.1.1. It's smaller things

3.1.2. So no real change

3.1.3. Gets hyped up in media

3.1.4. Startups are micro

3.2. Business as usual for most

4. Tips?

4.1. Focus on things that make a difference

4.1.1. Team

4.1.2. Product

4.1.3. Customers

4.2. Enable the focus on these things

4.2.1. Support

4.2.2. Capital

4.2.3. Talent

4.3. Don't gear business to investors

4.3.1. Gear to what's right for your business

4.3.2. Get on top of team, product, customers

4.3.3. Control the process

5. What does 'media' mean?

5.1. Definition changed a lot

5.2. "Attention economy"

5.2.1. Command/control our attention

5.2.2. Media Companies Google Facebook

5.2.3. What is the medium? Desktop? Mobile? Constantly redefined

6. Early days media tips?

6.1. 2006 - Transformational time

6.1.1. AWS came online

6.2. Platforms

6.2.1. Infrastructure Not just hosting Machine learning Payments Getting cheaper

6.2.2. Distribution e.g. App stores Big audiences Routes to market

7. Which countries?

7.1. Number of startups

7.1.1. More than ever

7.1.2. Supply-demand Supply increasing Investors Startups Funding ecosystem evolved Accelerators Seed funds Later stage funds

7.2. UK Ecosystem

7.2.1. One of the most mature systems

7.2.2. Fast growing

7.2.3. Pays well

7.2.4. Going to be not just London

7.2.5. Big talent pool

7.3. Our focus

7.3.1. London & UK Core in London Some in Scotland

7.3.2. Some others Madrid Barcelona Berlin Tel Aviv

8. How to get started?

8.1. Lots of places to engage

8.1.1. Accelerators

8.1.2. Well networked city Investors Mentors

8.2. Transitioning into founder

8.2.1. Need someone who can code

8.2.2. Pair up with technical co-founders

8.2.3. Blend of talent in a team