My New Mind MapTypes of Validity and Reliability

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My New Mind MapTypes of Validity and Reliability by Mind Map: My New Mind MapTypes of Validity and Reliability

1. Internal Consistency- The same results for items used on a test.

2. Test-retest Reliability- Tests that are the same when using the same method of testing, only one rater uses the same method and testing conditions.

3. Concurrent Validity-This measure the outcome of the correlation with other variables.

4. Criterion Validity-This is the correlation between a test and the variable.

5. Representative Validity-What makes an abstract theory construct to be a specific test.

6. Face Validity -A test that is supposed to measure a certain point but does not guarantee the outcome to be actually measure.

7. Content Validity-What level is measure to correlated with other measures to predicted the outcome.

8. Types of Validity

9. Types of Validity and Reliability

10. Inter-rater Reliability- Tests taken by different people but using the same method for the test.

11. Inter-Mebility is ruled out.thod Reliability- Test that checks for a variable in the way the test was given so that the inter-rater reliability is ruled out.