Creative Commons and Digital Rights Management

A mind map I have created to visually illustrate the argument for Creative Commons vs. Digital Rights Management (DRM)

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Creative Commons and Digital Rights Management by Mind Map: Creative Commons and Digital Rights Management

1. I began creating this document in order to explore the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) in the creative process. This journey has granted me a greater appreciation of the discussion surrounding DRM and Creative Commons. The links included here are examples I thought made good arguments or illustrations of each step of the creative process. I have tried to find examples from varied sources in several industries to paint a broad picture while maintaining a concise view of this process. I hope that this tool will help others to find an entry point into this discussion using the resources I have found.

1.1. This mindmap is subject to Creative Commons Attributable-NonCommercial-ShareALike License Created by Sean Jones for COMM 503 (2013)

2. Government Policy

2.1. Bill C-11

2.2. Bill C-32

3. Consumer

3.1. Purchase from publisher

3.2. Purchase from source

3.2.1. DRM DRM end-point

3.2.2. Creative Commons re-use, share, manipulate

3.3. Piracy

4. Publisher

4.1. DRM

4.1.1. greater control to improve user experience

4.1.2. increase profile, inviting hackers

4.2. no DRM

4.2.1. increase audience

4.2.2. decrease piracy

5. Source

5.1. self-publishing

5.1.1. Creative Commons Attribution ShareALike Non Commercial No Derivatives

5.1.2. DRM

5.2. traditional publishing