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Color by Mind Map: Color

1. Color Tones

1.1. Warm Colors- Yellow, Red, Orange.

1.1.1. Help attract the readers attention

1.2. Cool Colors- Greens and Blues

1.2.1. Good for background

1.3. Neutral- Tan and Grays

2. Tips

2.1. Color helps attract attention to important parts of a image

2.2. Use colors that relate to your topic

2.3. Colors can help organize your image

2.4. For distance, use red & yellows

2.5. 50% contrast between colors help make it easier to read

2.6. Study color trends & how others use color.

2.7. Light colors are good for the background to add more interest.

3. Facts about color

3.1. Color helps to draw readers attention

3.2. Color can change mood and show meaning

3.3. Color has different meaning among cultures.

4. Getting Started

4.1. What colors do you use?

4.2. Which colors look the best?

4.3. Does the color help with the message?

4.4. Only use one or two colors, more oraganized & easier to read.