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Google IO 2013 by Mind Map: Google IO 2013
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Google IO 2013

WebM VP9

VP8 was getting finalized and now VP9 is new

Uses source frames throughout the video for reuse throughout the video

Goal is 4th Quarter 2013 to integrate production ready software versions

Instant Mobile Websites

Bandwidth is not the problem - it's latency

Load required css in the initial html response to give the user a response right away before the leave

14kb is of html before another round trip (even if it's one html file) so keep it less than that

Web Languages and VMs: Why fast code is always in fashion

Same guys wrote the V8 vm/engine that is writing the Dart vm.

Where is time spent in the V8 vm

Moden JavaScript Engine

Welcome to the Dart Side


What's next?

Cognitive Science and Design

Lost my notes

Mostly referenced some books that designers should read

Things like our peripheral vision can identify change faster than our direct vision

Make changes across the board

Upgrading to a Chrome Packaged App

Lots of api's available for chromeos type environments

very new apis, very specific

lots of js and other stuff is actually disabled for security

sounds like a pain in the butt and just not worth it right now

True Grit: Debugging CSS & Render Performance

Chelsea Derric - Senior software engineer on gmail

Fast is better than slow - google 10 things philosophy

Use the Chrome Dev Tools timeline

Many animations etc cause calculate layout and painting which take a long time and make things look choppy

Never leaving the DevTools

Paul Irish


SASS (css toolkit) support

ADB Extension to chrome dev tools for android

Lot of cool stuff, need to keep up on this because it would save lots of time

Get Unstuck - Gamestorming Not Brainstorming

Book - Must Read



$100 investment

Gamestorming Cheat Sheet

WebP - enabling faster, smaller and more beautiful web

Why WebP is needed

WebP is


Encoding and Decoding

Facebook trial

Google Is Moving Toward it

Google Visualization API



Feature Detection in the Real World

Basically walks us through a year of her trying to develop for the cutting edge and all the difficulties she had

Ultimate takeaway is don't live on teh chrome (or others) cutting edge for a real serious, money making product

Big Expectations

Automating Performance Best Practices with PageSpeed

Lost my notes =(

Google released an apache mod and something else to do this many years ago

PageSpeed chrome extension

LOTS of very smart automations

Google API services