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ACT Math Prep - Khan Academy for more -> by Mind Map: ACT Math Prep - Khan Academy   for more ->
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ACT Math Prep - Khan Academy for more ->

ACT Math Prep Here are most of the math subjects you will find when taking the ACT.  Test your understanding by doing the exercises. ePrep Advantage Program - Click the link to find out how students take practice tests then study tutorials for problems missed.

Union and Intersection sets

Union & Intersection Exercises

Solving 2 Variables

Solving 2 Variables Exercise

Matrix Multiplication

Matrix Exercises


Circle: Radius, Diameter & Circumference Exercises


Exponent Exercises


Averages exercises


Distribute exercises

Factoring and Distributive Property

F &D Property Exercises

FOIL - Multiplying Polynomials

FOIL Exercises


Fraction Exercises

Equivalent Fractions


Function Exercises

Imaginary Numbers

Imaginary # Exercises

Complex Numbers

Complex # Exercises

Complex # Exercises


Inequalities Exercises

Parallel Lines

Parallel Line Exercises


Perpendicular Lines

Perpendicular Line Exercises

Logarithm - Introduction

Logarithm Exercises

Matrix - Introduction

Matrix Addition/Subtraction Exercises

Midpoint Formula

Midpoint Formula Exercises


Precentage Exercises

Prime numbers

Prime # Exercises


Probability Exercise

Radicals - Solving Equations

Radical Equations Exercises


Ratio Exercises

Perimeter, Area and Volume

Special Triangles

Special Triangle Exercises


Trigonometry Basics

Trig 1 Exercises

Word Problems

Word Problem Exercises

XY Coordinate Plane