Martin Estrada Sophomore Portfolio

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Martin Estrada Sophomore Portfolio by Mind Map: Martin Estrada Sophomore Portfolio

1. Project 1: Norms. What are They?

1.1. SWLO covered: Collaboration

1.2. Final Presentations

1.3. Reflection

2. Project 3: Culture/Who Am I?

2.1. SWLO covered: Problem Solving

2.2. Seedfolks Test

2.2.1. Prompt

2.2.2. Work

2.3. Reflection

3. Project 4: Deviance Does?

3.1. Final Presentations

3.2. SWLO Covered: Communication

3.3. Reflection



6. Project 6: Never Forget

6.1. SWLO covered: Problem Solving

6.2. Final Product

6.3. Reflection

7. Project 5: The New Tech Way of Life

7.1. Final Website

7.2. SWLO Covered: Technology

7.3. Reflection

8. Project 2: Everyone's a Critic

8.1. Thinking Like An Artist

8.1.1. Work As an artist I create art to show emotions or things such as football, I have strong feelings for. This is important to society because it gives people a way of connecting with each other through life stories that are written in the drawings. People can have a better understanding of what it is like to be in different categories such as being wealthy or poor, being a different ethnicity, or even speaking in a different tounge. Art as a result is not just an illustrated scene of a designated location, but a gateway to the bridge that connects human society.

8.1.2. Journal Question Conduct some research to answer the following questions. What purpose does art serve? Why is art and artistic expression important to society? Next, decide what choices an artist must make before beginning a piece of work.

8.2. SWLO Covered: Work Ethic

8.3. Reflection

9. Growth as a Writer

9.1. Essay- Spring of 2013

9.2. Score- Spring of 2013

9.3. Essay- February of 2013

9.4. Score- February of 2013

9.5. Reflection