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Devices by Mind Map: Devices

1. Input -

1.1. mouse

1.1.1. Joystick, touch pad, pointing stick, tracking ball

1.2. Keyboard

1.2.1. set up like typewriter

1.3. Scanner

1.3.1. coverts hard copy to digital so it can be sent electronicall

1.4. digital cameras

1.4.1. use to upload picture into presentation

1.4.2. use for video clips

1.5. pen inputs

1.5.1. hand written information PDA for writing or math interaction-

1.6. electronic whiteboards

1.6.1. convert images on the whiteboard to a computer file - uses can do quiz with wireless laptops, can make interactive presentation then share them.

1.7. Graphic tablet

1.7.1. draw diagrams or artwork

1.8. Microphones

1.8.1. adding sound to presentation, music, spoken word

2. Output

2.1. monitor

2.1.1. softcopy view on the screen

2.1.2. Flat screen, LED, Touchscreen

2.2. printer

2.2.1. hardcopy - physical copy in hand

2.2.2. Laser printer

2.3. Data projectors

2.3.1. use with a document camera

2.3.2. connected to monitor

2.3.3. video input

2.4. Speaker and Headphones

2.4.1. for audio of all types