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[email protected] by Mind Map: D@SH

1. What is [email protected]?

1.1. Digital Academic Supervision Hub

1.2. Originated with the first Oman Programme

1.3. Repository for electronic academic supervision communication

1.4. Students have one private record for duration of programme

1.5. Uses Learning Central's CampusPack system

2. Why [email protected]?

2.1. How is [email protected] different to email?

2.1.1. Shared aspect

2.1.2. Additional features

2.1.3. Morasse of messages vs. Single 'hub'

2.1.4. Locus of control Engagement Student - Staff Transparency

2.2. Embeds IT Skills

2.2.1. Embeds exposure to core C21 skills Hypertext Tagging

2.2.2. Responsible & innovative use of 'social media' 'A way of thinking'

2.2.3. Cardiff University L&T Conference 3rd July, "Developing and Embedding Skills in the Curriculum"

2.3. Benefits core School roles

2.3.1. Programme Management Exam boards/appeals Availability of records Personal tutors

2.3.2. Quality and Engagement consistency/transparency

2.3.3. Organisational contingency Availability of information Central support for systems (INSRV)

3. Imponderables

3.1. Long Thin Modules & notifications

3.2. Group Supervision

3.3. Staff not engaging

3.4. I - tunes

3.4.1. proliferation

3.4.2. commercial

3.4.3. mooc - future learn

3.4.4. college?

3.4.5. becausewecan New Idea

4. Roll-out

4.1. Set up [email protected] Learning Central modules for each programme

4.2. Create a new set of [email protected] records per cohort

4.3. Embed within School support