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cast/actors by Mind Map: cast/actors

1. For our music video the main actor that plays the artist is Alom. He suits the role of the artist very well, he also does drama so therefore he is very comfortable around a camera when acting. Another reason why he fits the role of the artist is the type of clothes he wears, he wears very fashionable clothes which are very conventional with a pop artist.

2. Another person we have used to act is Rheanna who plays Aloms girlfriend/ex. She fits the role of the actress as she dresses very conventional. She will be in the narrative of the video which shows the relationship between both of the characters.

3. Another actor that we have used is Catello who will play the boy that rheanna goes with in the narrative, we will see him buy her flowers and the main artist will see this and regret that he didnt do that for her when they were together.