what is E-mail? Hope 1st period

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what is E-mail? Hope 1st period by Mind Map: what is E-mail? Hope 1st period

1. While most messages are going computer to computer, e-mail can also be sent and received by mobile phones.

2. Just as a letter makes stops at different postal stations along the way to its final destination, e-mail passes from one computer, known as a mail server

3. When you write a hand written letter and buy the envelope stamp and then you have to mail it this will take a weeks processing but when you use e-mail (electronic mail) you can type it and it and get a response in a matter of minuets

4. click the attachment at the top right hand corner of this box. It is a picture of me Hope Valdez. This mind map is made entirely by me. All my information is copyrite. I got my informaction from www.learnthenet.com/english/section/email.html

5. e-mail is an electronic message that you send from one device to another.

6. E-mail's can also be sent with attachments like pictures and documents

7. Five steps for Email

7.1. first step:go to your Email

7.2. second step:go to new

7.3. third step:put the Email you want to sent it toand put your subject

7.4. fourth step:type the message in the bottom (the body)

7.5. fifth step:click send