Future Vision Project: Vancouver Eco-Educators Network

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Future Vision Project: Vancouver Eco-Educators Network by Mind Map: Future Vision Project: Vancouver Eco-Educators Network

1. Starting local

1.1. Eco educators in Vancouver

1.2. Like http://theworldinagarden.com/

1.3. Recognizing the importance of knowing your local environment

1.3.1. Native species both plant and animals

1.3.2. Local cultures and their relationship with the environment (ex Musqueam First Nations)

2. Creating a social presence for environmental educators

2.1. Sometimes there is a disconnect/difference in values holding environmentalists back from blogging and doing other 'recreational' things online

2.2. Goal of this website is to do just this.

2.3. Inviting and inspiring teachers to teach their students about the environment, reinforcing the important deep connections with nature and with each other

3. Reminding us

3.1. That students need to connect in person and not just online

3.1.1. Richard Louv's Last Child in the Woods

3.1.2. screen time - how much is too much?

3.2. That students need to have positive interactions with nature in order to feel motivated to help protect it

3.3. That the Internet is a good way for all of these ideas to be shared, updated, changed, reflected up, responded to, etc in real time

3.3.1. In other words we aren't using lesson plans crated 20 years ago ( which is important for a subject who's facts become outdated quickly)

4. Enhancing environmental education

4.1. Through technology

4.1.1. Used by students

4.1.2. Used by teachers

4.1.3. Used by parents?

5. Sharing ideas through social media

5.1. Sharing my ideas through blog posts, adding resources

5.2. Creating a place for others to share their ideas too - and for all of us to discuss these ideas in order to better our teaching practices in terms of environmental education and otherwise

5.3. Finding other blogs to follow so that I may inspire and in turn be inspired by others. Yay!

6. Reaching out to educators

6.1. Through my website. But also: twitter, Facebook, Instagram, shelfari, etc

6.2. and perhaps sparking the interest of administrators...

7. Experiential environmental education

7.1. Hands on experiences with nature to foster respect, appreciation, love

7.2. Autopoesis!

7.3. http://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/13067106 -pg 6!

8. Sharing resources

8.1. There are many ( as I am continually discovering and learning about from other classmates) AWESOME!

8.2. Sharing these on my blog

8.3. Finding new ones through following other blogs