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The Protestant Reformation & Its Legacy - Digital Unit Plan by Mind Map: The Protestant Reformation & Its Legacy - Digital Unit Plan
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The Protestant Reformation & Its Legacy - Digital Unit Plan

Conflict & Corruption In the Church

Students will identify and describe the conflict and corruption within the Catholic Church and how these led to the Reformation.

Reformation Leaders

Students will identify the major leaders of the Protestant Reformation and analyze how they contributed to formation of new religious ideas and institutions.

New Protestant Churches & Their Structures

What was the structure of the new churches and how did this influence the development of more democratic and federalist secular governments?

The Catholic/Protestant Split & the New World

Students will identify the geographic divides of the Protestants and Catholics in Europe, and how analyze how that played out in the New World as Europeans began to explore and colonize the Americas.

The Counter-Reformation & The Spanish Reconquista & Inquisition

Students will describe the Roman Catholic Church’s response to the Reformation – the Counter-Reformation – and what it accomplished. Students will analyze the resurgence of Roman Catholic Christianity during the Reconquista in Spain with the Inquisition.

Missionaries and Christian Influence Around the World

Students will describe the work of missionaries of medieval and early modern era, and how they spread influence of Christianity and affected the world, including the Americas.