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Why Lean is the New Business Technology Imperative by Mind Map: Why Lean is the New Business
Technology Imperative
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Why Lean is the New Business Technology Imperative

Henry Ford - lean example

mass prod


big inventories

highly spec job

defects, fixed at end

hard to change models



approach and discipline, increase flexibility, eliminate waste

key points, value stream analysis, WSJ article - Latest Starbucks Buzzword: Lean Japanese Techniques, rule of halves - cut cost/waste in half, eliminate waste from customer perspective, both strategic and operational, strategic - value, operational - eliminate waste, lean is counterintuitive, example stuffing letters, division of work can create bottlenecks, more effective to have people to task start to finish

Lean Examples, retail, starbucks, Toyota Production System, marine awareness, process server, wikis, simulate flight control enterprise

increase value from customer perspective

Lean software

approach, sw fit for purpose, sw tends to get bloated, example - bloated sheep, high cost of sw, cloud computing offers big benefits, sw simple to deploy, sw ??

examples, lighter wght took, open source, svs bundled with sw, free sw, fit to purpose frameworks, lean processes embodied in apps, KEY - not app that embodies a non-lean process

principles, deploy just what's needed and no more, optimize deployments for the value of the app, avoid big bang new-tech adoptions, build incrementally, fail fase, keep moving

moving from IT to Business Tech

primarily about governance

requires leadership changes, IT sees itself as the business, must embrace biz tech, start measuring in IT terms / start measuring in Business terms, stop leading with tech solutions / start focusing on value, flexibility, waste reduction, example Dave ? CIO of UPS gets it

instead of bridge think of liquids that blend!, fusion replaces the bridge, separate tech from business enablement, embed business-facing roles, move from IT steering committee to synchronized BT decision-making

take away

address waste

rethink it strategy (SW)

change behavior

modern stuff - stuck in old business practices

Connie Moore