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Lean and Business Technology - CEO's View by Mind Map: Lean and Business Technology -
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Lean and Business Technology - CEO's View

George Colony

CEO Forrester

Business Tech

If CEO doesn't understand what you are saying, you're speaking in tech-speak not business-tech speak

Packaged and industry spec apps form the transactional backbone for the most critical business apps

blah, blah, ...right...yadda...I got it

CEO pictures - Ed Zore up there

can't speak BT if you don't know what CEO wants

What do they (CEO) want?

(Didn't say tech)

letters - words used






Main things

higher profit

revenue growth

7 Precepts

better numbers

improving organization

increase shareholder value





New node

How to Speak BT

1) Translate how tech projects will resonate with two parts of CEO brain (increase profit and revenue growth)

Quote: A different language is a different vision of life. (film maker)