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Features by Mind Map: Features

1. Visual

1.1. Close ups to show (gunpowder, anvil stacking, materials)

1.2. action shots were suspect

1.3. homemade quality

1.4. interview - 1st shot...subject off center...showed background

1.5. built concrete structure & bench...also filled the mausoleum with objects from past life

1.6. Director misleads...shows comforts...makes audience think it's a house when really a mausoleum

1.7. broom had a sweatshirt

1.8. lots of different camera angles...shows all the sides of the story...

1.9. shots illustrate the story...interview determines B roll footage.

1.10. shots are symmetrical in some cases, lively colors, clear point of focus

2. Auditory

2.1. hear the wind, explosions, outside sounds, anvils

2.2. no sound effects, no added sound (anvil)

2.3. sad music

3. Story

3.1. Beard = anvil tossing wisdom

3.2. interesting subject, interesting person

3.3. man really loved his wife...even though he had a girlfriend...still visits...

4. Organization

4.1. Showed each step of process (Anvil Launching)

4.2. interview controls the story