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BWG 7+8+9 by Mind Map: BWG 7+8+9

1. 7SLP

1.1. Should be at night and a min of 7 Hrs

2. 8FW

2.1. Official Jobs

2.1.1. DGDA: Special Projects Specialist

2.2. Memberships

2.2.1. Saudi Council Of Engineers (as an Associate Architect)

2.2.2. American Institution of Architects (as an International Associate AIA)

2.2.3. International Council of Monuments and Sites (National Committee Member)

2.2.4. Project Management Institution (as a Porject Manegment Profeesional)

2.2.5. International Society of Sustainability Professionals (as a SEA Member)

2.3. BaDaRchei Brand

2.3.1. Architectural Designer

2.3.2. Building & Construction Quality Inspector (Freelancer)

2.3.3. Digital Works Photography Editing Architectural Photography SnapMaker Products Drawing Urban Sketching

2.4. Professional Volunteering

2.4.1. Mentor @ Designathon

3. 3F3HMG

3.1. 3F

3.1.1. Faith 5 Pilars of Islam Quran Resitation

3.1.2. Family Time with Shaikha Family Gathering/weekly

3.1.3. Friends Meet-ups/Hobbies

3.2. 3H

3.2.1. Health Sleep Deit Workout

3.2.2. Hygine Haircut Faical Massage/Bi-monthly Scrubing/Bi-monthly

3.2.3. Hobbies Coffee Gaming Movies Arts Drawing/Painting Photography Sports Biking Ping Pong Scuba Diving Traveling\Bi-annualy

3.3. Mental Growth

3.3.1. Reading/Podcasts Professional Architecture & Urbanism Art & Literature Conservation History & Heritage Sustainability General Philosophy Phsicology Science Sociology Religion

3.3.2. CPD Postgradute Zigurat Business EMBA @ MBSC Licenses PMP SEA