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Music Industry II by Mind Map: Music Industry II
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Music Industry II

Quarter 1: History of Rock 1

The 50's

Elvis Presley

Focus: Blues Progression

Weekend Listening: Elvis Presley

The 60's pt. 1

The Beach Boys

Focus: Harmonic Rhythm

Weekend Listening: Pet Sounds

The 60's pt. 2

The Beatles

Focus: Auxiliary Chords

Weekend Listening: Sgt. Pepper

The 70's

Pink Floyd

Focus: Writing in Minor Keys

Weekend Listening: Dark Side of the Moon

Quarter Project: Augmented Reality Exhibit

Quarter 3: Record Demo

Select/Tweak Songs

Arrange Songs



MIDI/Virtual Instruments

Acoustic Instruments


Track List

Quarter Project: Finished Demo

Quarter 2: History of Rock 2

Michael Jackson

Focus: Embellishing Chord Progressions

Weekend Listening: Thriller


Focus: Extended Chords

Weekend Listening: OK Computer

The Strokes

Focus: Unusual Song Form

Weekend Listening: Is This It


Focus: Final Songwriting Tips and Tricks

Weekend Listening: Sun Structures

Quarter Project: Live Set @ Art and Music Gala

Quarter 4: Demo Release


Prepare Set




Press Kit

Electronic Distribution

Quarter Project: Demo Release