Brainstorming place for the Growth Strategy project.

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Growth by Mind Map: Growth

1. Follow up on rejected applications

1.1. give FB on application and find together solutions

1.2. look for solutions in cases where already exists an LBG

2. How to help BIGs

2.1. brainstorm on ideas of how to strength a group

2.2. Handbook

2.2.1. How to become a observer group of BEST

2.3. Activities

2.3.1. Training

3. Promotion for BIGs

3.1. Video on

3.1.1. How it's like to be a BEST Member

3.1.2. How it's like to be a observer/baby/full member of BEST

3.1.3. Benefits of having a international UNI/city

3.2. Presentations

3.2.1. set the basic and very important information about BEST that should them have

3.2.2. Scale of events

3.2.3. Workingstyles

3.3. Activites

3.3.1. (such as visits from a delegation) that could help an interested group of students

3.3.2. look around for close LBGs interested in inviting ppl at their events

3.3.3. Promote inviting coorgs, and also tell what to expect from coorgs, what they should learn

4. Looking around for new BEST groups

4.1. create a list of criteria upon which we will choose the Universities to target.

4.2. finding the "perfect matches" for BEST based on these criteria.

4.3. Getting in contact with students, student unions, universtity management, other bodies. Convincing them that it's wroth to have BEST at the university (personal meeting helps)

4.4. Using our contacts transfering the message to other students in the uni to get them interested (personal meeting needed)