ICT Integration 2014

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ICT Integration 2014 by Mind Map: ICT Integration 2014

1. ICT Dept Member

1.1. HOD ICT

1.1.1. Flipped Classroom with the Flipped Champions

1.1.2. IPW with Nicholas for one level with HOYs

1.1.3. HBL with HOYs

1.1.4. Pupils and Parents Enrichment with Shaz

1.1.5. Teachers PD with SSD

1.2. Cockpit and NEU PC Plus Coord (Iris)

1.2.1. Promote for 100% adoption

1.2.2. Promote NEU PC plus. Track take up rate. Coordinate CIP by pupils

1.3. MRL / CW Coord (Joy)

1.3.1. Works with Librarian to ensure library is a conducive place to read and that library programs are well executed

1.3.2. Liaise with EL/MT dept to create a vibrant reading culture

1.3.3. Develop CW curriculum with Shaz

1.4. AV / Baseline Coord (Ariff)

1.4.1. Train and monitor IT Monitors and PA pupils

1.4.2. Manage AV equipments

1.4.3. Support the school in major events as well as PSLE LC

1.4.4. Monitor the execution of the baseline pgm

1.5. Lower Primary ICT Integration (Zawiah)

1.5.1. Facilitate discussions with P1/P2 teachers on the use of iPads for learning.

1.5.2. Work with P1/P2 level teachers to

1.6. ICT Champions (1 per Level)

1.6.1. Lead discussion during TTT Use of LMS for learning Use of Google Apps to facilitate SDL/CoL Refine / co-design the level's IPW

1.6.2. Monitor ICT integration in the level

2. MRL

2.1. Driver

2.1.1. MRL Coord

2.2. Integration with EL & MT

2.2.1. Library Periods One period per week Teachers must sign in each time they bring their pupils to the library

2.2.2. Book review Once every fortnight Use McOnline Reading Log

2.3. Admin

2.3.1. Self check kiosk

2.3.2. Book search

2.3.3. SMS reminder

2.3.4. Selection of library books Book display for staff and pupils to select books that the school will purchase.

2.4. Activities

2.4.1. Dad's for life reading program

2.4.2. Library of the future Social spaces Tech hub Spaces of critical and creative thinking Collaboration hub

2.4.3. Parent reading program

2.4.4. Authors talk Get local authors to inspire reluctant readers as well as pupils interested in being authors themselves.

2.4.5. Morning Silent Reading Use of eBooks to be shown on projector Select pupils to read a poem / compo Teachers to read a story

2.4.6. Thematic display

2.4.7. Weekly storytelling by Librarian

2.4.8. Differentiated program Program for reluctant readers Story telling by Librarian / other pupils Program for advanced readers Make your own story book

3. Redefine learning

3.1. Driver: HOD ICT

3.2. Google Apps for Education

3.2.1. Monthly Sharing / Discussions @ TTT

3.2.2. E.g. of uses Google Forms to collect reflections / feedback Google Doc / Spreadsheet for group discussion Create a collaborative Google Presentation to share knowledge and concepts

3.3. LMS for Learning

3.3.1. EL Oral buddy Writing buddy Supplement STELLAR

3.3.2. MA Math Buddy to support teacher's lesson delivery

3.3.3. Sci Mindmeister for concept mapping Experiments to support inquiry based learning

3.4. PLC

3.4.1. Flipped Classroom

3.4.2. SDL / CoL use of LMS use of Google Apps

4. skills Acquisition

4.1. School ICT Curriculum Website

4.1.1. Maintained by ICT Trainer

4.1.2. Website will show ICT Curriculum as well as links to pupils' work

4.2. Driver: ICT Trainer

4.3. Term 1: EL

4.3.1. Lower Block W6 PC Orientation W7 AskNLearn orientation W8 Learning with Text and Touch Typing W9 - W10 Storytelling with Moo-O

4.3.2. Middle Block W1 PC & AsknLearn Refresher (if necessary) W2 - W4 P3 P4

4.3.3. Upper Block W1 - W4 Junior Journalist with Newsmaker (Get pupils to write a script using Google Docs before they do the recording)

4.4. Term 3: MT

4.4.1. P1 - P3 T1 W9 - 10, T2 W1 - 2 MT Portals Hansvision (P1 Term 4, P2 Term 2) iMTL (P3)

4.4.2. P4 T3 W1 - 4 iMTL MT Portals

4.4.3. P5 T1 W9-10, T2 W1-2 iMTL T3 W1 - 2 Junior Journalist with Newsmaker (Get pupils to write a script using Google Docs before they do the recording)

4.5. Term 2: SS

4.5.1. Lower Block P1 - QR around the school P2 Family or Singapore

4.5.2. Middle Block P3 out of curriculum Recycling P4 out of curriculum Racial Harmony Heritage trail

4.5.3. Upper Block P5 remains with IPW Animoto? Pupil created videos

5. Cyber wellness

5.1. Drivers: CW/IPW Coord

5.2. Integration

5.2.1. Integration with IPW

5.2.2. Post-exam Lesson Package End of Sem 1 and 2 2 period lesson package with engaging activities

5.3. Cyber wellness Ambassadors

5.3.1. Recess sharing Last week of every Term

5.3.2. BLGPS Cyber Wellness Website For pupils, by pupils Monthly updates with quizzes or competitions Pupil created videos

6. Dept Integration

6.1. EL & MT

6.1.1. P1 - 3 Moo-O

6.1.2. P4&5 Newsmaker

6.2. SC

6.2.1. P3 - concept mapping Mindmeister

6.2.2. P4 - data analysis with Data Logger and Excel Google Excel

6.2.3. P5 Google Presentation (training to be done in T1)

6.3. MA

6.3.1. P1 & P2 Teach pupils to use PPT to use shapes to form figures Google Presentation Use of iPads App from Math Textbook Vendor

6.3.2. P3 & P4 Use Excel to generate Graph Line Graph for P4 at end of Term 1 Google Excel Bar Graph for P3 at end of Term 3

6.3.3. P5 pending curriculum re-design

6.3.4. Use of iPads Digital manipulatives Geoboard Fraction bars Drill & Practice games 4 operations Multiplication table Pupil created videos Show how to do 4 operations Every P1-P5 to do one video (as a group of 3-4 pupil) in Term 1

6.4. Art

6.4.1. Digital Art

6.5. Music

6.5.1. Garage Band

6.6. HE

6.6.1. KIV - pending new PE/HE syllabus

6.7. SS

6.7.1. SS Projects

6.7.2. Around the School Trail