My Success Strategies

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My Success Strategies by Mind Map: My Success Strategies

1. Summer Programs

1.1. Paramedic Training

1.1.1. July 1,2014-April 4, 2015

1.1.2. JCAS Johnson County Ambulance Service Jeff Silver Johnson County Ambulance Service


1.2. Spanish

1.2.1. To increase my knowledge of the language

1.2.2. Help others out Teach them English Medical Setting

1.2.3. Either 2014, 2015, or 2016

1.3. Nursing

1.3.1. 2016

1.3.2. Through the University of Iowa Apply by Feburary Become close to two of my professors


2. Campus Involvement

2.1. B.A.S.H / Burge Hall Government

2.1.1. Attend all meetings

2.1.2. BASH executive Board meeting Tuesday September 3, 2013 Elections Monday September 9 Results Friday September 13

2.1.3. Wish to make the board I want to be involved in my dorm

2.2. Become an RA

2.2.1. My Sophomore year

2.2.2. Have a 2.5 GPA after Freshman year

2.2.3. During my Sophomore year maintain a 2.0

2.2.4. Can't work that year On campus


2.3. UIEMS

2.3.1. University of Iowa Emergency Medicine Studets

2.3.2. Go on job shadows UIHC emergency Treatment Center Junior and Senior year

2.3.3. Go for ride alongs JCAS At least one every year Already did one for my Freshman year

2.3.4. Join the campus Emergency response team This is to get more medical practice Go to as many events as possible

2.3.5. go to every meeting September 3, 2013 at 6-7pm in the Penn State room in the IMU September 4, 2013 from 7-8pm in the Penn State room in the IMU


2.4. Medicus

2.4.1. This is a program for pre-med students

2.4.2. I want to further my chances of getting into medical school Attend meetings hosted by specialized physicians Ask successful medical students questions on how to succeed Do physician shadows Have a medical school mentor Volunteer activites Volunteering is a good way to show you care about your community Go on ever medical school visit

2.4.3. First meeting is Tuesday September 3 at 7:30pm in W290 Chemistry Building

3. Scholarships/Awards

3.1. MGMA Midwest Section Scholarship

3.1.1. deadline is May 1st

3.1.2. Only for students who live in the midwest

3.1.3. must be in a health career field


3.2. Glamour's Top 10 College Women Competition

3.2.1. Must be a Junior in the fall Apply 2015

3.2.2. Grand prize is $20,000

3.2.3. Nine $3,000 prizes for those who excel in and out of the classroom Get good grades on everything Volunteer Join clubs


3.3. Honors

3.3.1. I want to be in Honors all four years Maintain a 3.33 GPA Take 12 semester hours during the first two years Do 12 credits of out of class activities during the second two years Volunteer Study abroad Research

3.3.2. I want to graduate with Honors


3.4. Dean's list

3.4.1. I want to make the Dean's list every semester I am at the University Maintain at least a 3.5 GPA Don't have any incomplete or failed classes Take at least 12 semester hours every semester

3.4.2. Dean's list shows that I took all of my classes seriously and excel at what I do


3.5. Get accepted into medical school!

4. Research

4.1. I know I want to do research but I'm not exactly sure in what field

4.2. I want something that relates back to medicine and that I am interested in

4.3. I would want to start either my Sophomore or Junior year

4.4. Health field

4.4.1. Clinical research on Nutrition [email protected] Credits or paid

4.4.2. Anything else that I find interesting

4.5. Psychology

4.5.1. Department of Psychology [email protected] For credit Eventually get paid if work long enough

4.5.2. Preferably working with children

4.6. Honors

4.6.1. I have the option of going through honors

4.6.2. Has a great research program

4.6.3. Start talking to my professors Sophomore year


5. Volunteer

5.1. University of Iowa Hospital

5.1.1. Baby Snuggler

5.1.2. Emergency Department

5.1.3. Start Spring 2014 Continue all of college


5.2. Unity Point Health/St. Luke's Hospital

5.2.1. Emergency Department Patient and Family Ambassador Started about two years ago Volunteer about 3 times a week Every summer when I come back to Cedar Rapids

5.2.2. Emergency Department Triage Complete orientation Volunteer 3 times a week during the sumer

5.2.3. Rehabilitation volunteer I want to start this during breaks Volunteer here so when I apply for a job Volunteer 2 times a week during breaks


5.3. Get involved through campus

5.3.1. Do something outside of my major

5.3.2. Saturdays in Service Start Spring 2014 Commit every Saturday

6. Work

6.1. Babysit

6.1.1. Begin Freshman year and continue until I get a real job Only on weekend Tracey W.

6.1.2. Come back to Cedar Rapids Only on special occasions Watch Nick and Drew for a weekend Coleen Nibaur Watch Cassidy and Declan For a whole day Heather McMahill Watch Jadan and JJ Sara McNamara During Christmas Break

6.2. CNA job

6.2.1. University of Iowa Hospital Rehabilitation floor Counts towards keeping my CNA up-to-date Emergency Department I love the action It's a new challenge every day Would have to pick up a shift on the long-term floor to keep my CNA up-to-date Begin Spring 2014 Only work weekends during the school year Work any shift Do three 12 hour shifts

6.2.2. Long-Term Care facility In Iowa City Work beginning in Spring 2014 Only work weekends Maybe stay for breaks In Cedar Rapids Work beginning November Break 2013 Work only during breaks during the school year Come back and work full time in the summer Work in Meth-Wick Asbury Retirement Home

6.2.3. Unity Point Health/ St. Luke's Rehabilitation floor 6th floor West Counts to keep my CNA active Emergency Department Had part of my internship here Volunteered twice a week for 1-2 years I have relationships with employees Could only work during breaks and the summer

7. Study Abroad

7.1. Help become more fluent in Spanish

7.1.1. I am getting a minor in Spanish

7.2. Increase my knowledge and experience in medicine

7.2.1. Be an assistant

7.2.2. Maybe use my CNA

7.3. In a third-world country

7.3.1. Close to Spain

7.3.2. Somewhere in South America

7.4. For a whole summer

7.4.1. 2014

7.4.2. 2015