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ROBOT by Mind Map: ROBOT

1. types

1.1. Modular robot

1.1.1. designed to increase the utilization of the robots by modularizing the robots

1.2. Collaborative robots

1.2.1. safely and effectively interact with human workers in performance of simple industrial tasks

1.3. Modern robots

1.3.1. Mobile robot is to entertain or complete some tasks like vacuum cleaning .Most likely it is controlled by assembly lines.A laparoscopic robotic surgery machine can do laboratory works and it is widely used in the university

1.3.2. Industrial robots which consist of an end that is attached effector to a fixed surface and a jointed arm

1.3.3. Service robot fixed robotic arms and manipulators used primarily for production and distribution of goods

2. latest

2.1. geminoid F

2.1.1. human appearances and able to talk with people,singing and smiling ,like a human youtube link:

3. function

3.1. learns through human interaction

3.2. speaking

3.3. walk on two legs like a person

3.4. work on assembly lines

3.5. playing music

3.6. making note

3.7. teaching

3.8. jumping

3.9. going to a certain point

3.10. doing research in different planet

4. how to apply in our daily work

4.1. factory used

4.1.1. machine tending

4.1.2. Robotic Assembly

4.1.3. Robotic Welding

4.1.4. Robotic Processing

4.1.5. Robotic Dispensing

4.1.6. material handling in a General Motors facilities

4.2. economic used

4.2.1. collecting data

4.2.2. printing things

4.2.3. doing promotion

4.2.4. welcoming people

4.3. house used

4.3.1. cleaning

4.3.2. cooking

4.3.3. planing things

4.3.4. teaching

4.3.5. borrowing things

4.4. shop used

4.4.1. serving customer

4.4.2. collecting money

4.4.3. bring customer to follow places

4.4.4. doing some introduction

5. impact

5.1. good

5.1.1. making life become much convenience

5.1.2. work efficiency can work 24 hours and never feel tired

5.1.3. human have less workload robot can do certain work

5.1.4. For long term,reducing cost no need to pay salary for the labour

5.1.5. more human resources in the workplace Robot can replace humans in some job

5.1.6. reduce the opportunities of making mistakes

5.2. bad

5.2.1. invest a lot of money

5.2.2. long invention time

5.2.3. produce lots of electronic waste

5.2.4. making people lazy

5.2.5. making the umemployment rate increase

5.2.6. need to use a lot of energy

6. future

6.1. civil use

6.2. AI

6.2.1. like a real human and can do things like human too

6.3. working in company or shop or home

6.4. collecting materials in the space

7. kinds of appearance

7.1. human

7.2. animals

7.3. machine

8. definition

8.1. An electro-mechanical machine which can resemble human action and movement ranging from speaking,jumping to serving people and playing music.