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8. Multi-stakeholder partnership by Mind Map: 8. Multi-stakeholder partnership
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8. Multi-stakeholder partnership

(3) Gestione della partnership

Partnership's key success factors

Suggerimenti per la gestione delle multiple partnerships

Due forme di partenariato

Formal and informal coordination mechanisms used in the partnership

(2) Perché le partnerships tra settore pubblico e privato sono sempre più frequenti?

Changes in society that lead to an increasing role of public-private partnerships:

Rinalia Abdul Rahim: "Partnerships are formed between the public sector, private sector and civil society because sustainable and equitable development is a core responsibility of every sector and each can provide a unique and complementary sectoral contribution. Each sector has a different and self-serving reason for wanting to enter in such partnerships."

(4) Main implementation challenges


timelines and cooperation challenges

expectation management

(1) Definitions

"Towards Global Partnership, Report of the Secretary General”

Susan Wilson Solovic

Rinalia Abdul Rahim:

"Global Knowledge Partnership"


Africa - EU


Fiat - BID - AVSI


Partnership to prevent trafficking in the garment industry in India

WWF - Coca Cola

Fairtrade Max Havelaar

Migros - WWF

Fusione BMW - Toyota

Ten Lessons on Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

The Global Knowledge Partnership

Goals of "La Dynamique Multisectorielle pour les Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication"

Public Private Partnership in the Health sector

A Partnership to combat child labour in the chocolate and cocoa industry

Il film Invictus


(5) Madrasati - Toyota case

Partner's individual interests

Partner's individual contributions