Global Positioning System (GPS)

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Global Positioning System (GPS) by Mind Map: Global Positioning System (GPS)

1. History

1.1. development

1.1.1. GPS satellite GPS satellite generations 1989 first modern Block-II satellite 1978 Block-I GPS satellite 2005 first modernized GPS satellite Block IIR-M 2011 GPS IIF-2 2012 GPS IIF-3 2013 GPS IIF-4 spacecraft tracking and timing and navigation technology (TIMATION) TIMATION-I Satellite Navigation Technology Satellites NTS-1 NTS-2

1.1.2. military use to civilian use

1.1.3. timeline

1.2. invention

1.2.1. Who to invent Bradford Parkinson Roger L. Easton Ivan A. Getting

1.2.2. Reason to found Military use later on for commercial use

2. Principle

2.1. structure

2.1.1. Control segment composed of master control station an alternate master control station four dedicated ground antennas six dedicated monitor stations

2.1.2. Space segment composed of orbiting GPS satellites payload adapters

2.1.3. User segment composed of U.S. and allied military users of the secure GPS Precise Positioning Service civil, commercial, and scientific users of the Standard Positioning Service

2.2. sphere concept

3. Privacy Concern

3.1. Solution

3.1.1. Think carefully before downloading apps

3.1.2. Prohibit others access to own GPS location

3.1.3. Setting law

3.2. Problem

3.2.1. Apps Permission

3.2.2. Mobile Phone Shopping Promotion

4. Application

4.1. in Navigation

4.1.1. emergency response

4.1.2. search and rescue

4.1.3. fleet management

4.1.4. automobile guidance systems

4.1.5. Recreational uses

4.2. in Mapping and Surveying

4.2.1. natural resource management

4.2.2. aid in damage assessment after natural disasters

4.3. in Agriculture

4.3.1. application of fertilizer or pesticides

4.4. in Solving Crimes

4.4.1. CCTV

4.4.2. iPhone