Find the matching pairs!

This is a mind map quiz about inventions and their inventors. Simply look for the matching pairs and connect them with an arrow. Tip: If you don't want it to get too messy, just rearrange the keywords so that the matching inventor and invention are located next to each other!

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Find the matching pairs! by Mind Map: Find the matching pairs!

1. Willis Carrier

2. Air Conditioning

3. Earle Dickson

4. Band-Aid

5. Levi Strauss

6. Blue Jeans

7. Dr. John Pemberton

8. Coca-Cola

9. Alfred Nobel

10. Dynamite

11. John Walker

12. Matches

13. Percy Spencer

14. Microwave Oven

15. Chester Carlson

16. Photocopier

17. Rowland Hill

18. Stamps